I Got Bored so I Moved Furniture Around

Hi friends! It’s another week of staying safe at home and I hope you are being productive while also taking care of yourself. I’ve done a lot of sitting which my body was not used to and my body is telling me to get up and move because I’ve been having aches and pains. Since I am at home all day I don’t get much walking in unless I am walking to the fridge or going to the basement to do laundry. My body is used to getting 10,000 steps in a day so this is a big change.

I was sitting on the couch one day watching another episode while scrolling on Pinterest and got motivated to do some redecorating. I went from rarely being at home to being home all the time so it made me really look at how my furniture was arranged and how it was decorated. Maybe I needed a change of scenery or just wanted to get up and moving but I woke up the next morning and started to move furniture. I took everything out of our living room, cleaned our floors and then started to put furniture back in the room. All it took was flipping our room 180 degrees but now it feels like a completely different space! I also removed a lot of clutter and put stuff into storage so I knew where it was in case I needed it later.

A few days later I moved my bed to another wall and rearranged a dresser making our bedroom look and feel so much bigger! I’m still working on the finishing touches of our bedroom but I love it already because it we have so much more floor space than before. I wanted to share my recent hobby because it costs zero dollars to move furniture around and it helps create a new space. Growing up I would constantly move my furniture around whenever I needed a change. Every few months I would sleep in a different guest room in our house for a week because it felt like a vacation. I kept my clothes and belongings in my bedroom because it was nice to sleep in a clean room without much in it.

A few friends and I watched a movie while we Zoomed each other the other night which was a lot of fun and I highly recommend! We watched Sky High because it was silly and just what we needed. After the movie, I did a quick home tour video to show them the new living room and talked about how relaxing it was to move furniture. Now I’m excited to sit in my living room because it’s different! Turns out, one of my friends does the same thing to her bedroom every few months so she understood that I wasn’t crazy for moving furniture around. Another friend saw how much moving the couch changed the entire room so now she’s motivated to do the same in her room.

It’s a great way to get up and get your body moving too! It can take a few hours or the whole day which is good if you are looking for a hobby that doesn’t involve buying anything or crafting.


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