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Happy Friday and most importantly Happy Spring! One of my goals for 2019 is to explore more of Philly and I think I definitely did that this week. I’m slowly working on making Blonde Rosie a source for affordable styles, beauty and a guide to Philly. There is so much to do in this city so I am constantly doing my research to find out where to go and what to see. Hopefully with this warmer weather I will have the opportunity to see it all and share on the blog. I would also like to know what you would like to see more of on Blonde Rosie. Send me a message or leave a comment on some topics you would like to see on my blog. Hope you all have something fun and exciting planned this weekend!

What I’m Watching

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the movies. It’s something I grew up doing a lot with my parents and my dad would spoil me with my own Coke and popcorn. Luckily, it’s something Jake and I both enjoy doing together. Do you know how nice it is to find someone who enjoys going to the movies? Over the weekend, Jake and I saw Captain Marvel. I am so behind on this superhero series but it is something that Jake follows so we saw it and I promised to catch up on the other movies asap. It was actually really good and since it was an origin story, you don’t need to watch the other movies to understand what is happening. Good mix of humor and story.

Since Jake and I had a very busy Saturday, we decided to finally watch the 2 Fyre Festival Documentaries that night. Not sure what took me so long to watch them because they are really good at explaining how this con snowballed into this failed festival. It also was a great reminder to not hire your friend instead of an event planner.

What I’m Listening To

I have an easy commute to work, about 30 minutes each way and I use this time to catch up on my Podcasts. Right now, I am really into the Goop podcasts because they have a mix of science, health and some upbeat knowledge. My usual go to podcasts are The New York Times The Daily and Pod Save America, but lately I have been wanting something to motivate me and the news does no good for my mood. Also the Captain Marvel soundtrack was amazing. It is full of hits that you completely forgot about it and makes you feel realllyyy old. You can find it on Spotify.

What I’m Loving

About once a month I use my car to do a big grocery run and this trunk organizer would be super helpful!

I really want to get a wagon for groceries to make it easier to transport items especially living in the city where I rarely use my car.

I just ordered these fridge bins after getting fridge envy on Instagram.

I did some spending this week. Oops! Loft is having a sale so I made a few purchases for my work wardrobe : a pink blazer, pants with a tie waist, and a top that went to clearance!

It was a very fun filled weekend and I am still trying to recover from it! On Friday, I was up late cleaning my apartment because I knew I wouldn’t have any free time on Saturday or Sunday. Fridays have turned into my new favorite day to be productive around the apartment because I never have the motivation to go out and I can still get into bed late because I don’t have to set an alarm the next day. One of my favorite things to do is to not have to set an alarm on a Saturday morning. My friend Lola and I had brunch plans but were both flexible on what time we would meet up. Then I started to feel something and it was my cat standing over me hitting me and meowing. I didn’t have a digital alarm go off that morning but my own personal alarm clock was not okay with me sleeping past 9am! We ended up going to Sabrina’s and even with checking in line on Yelp before we left my apartment, we still had an hour wait! It was actually good though because we had plenty of time to catch up and talk.

After brunch, I got a few of Jake’s friends to go to Philly Barcade for his birthday. I had never been but it looked really cool on Google! Our plan was to spend a little time there and then head on over to Frankford Hall for a drink. We ended up staying at the barcade for 3+ hours and it was the perfect environment for us. The games were like 25 cents to play and we had fun trying the different beers on tap. Highly recommend if you are looking for something to do with a group of friends!

One of the perks of waking up early on a Saturday is that there are so many hours in the day! We got back to my place around 7 and were shocked on how it was still light outside. I needed a minute to sober up and then we were on our way to dinner. We keep a list of restaurants that we want to try and we have been rescheduling a taco date night for forever! We went to Rosy’s Taco Bar and ate so much food! It was comical walking home because everyone was out for St. Patrick’s Day. We saw people throwing up in bushes, running out into the street and girls in short dresses wearing uncomfortable heels. Jake and I laughed and got so excited to put on our pajamas when we got home. There was a time in my life that I would have been that girl, but a night on the couch with Jake sounds a lot better these days! We watched both Fyre documentaries that night and we made a list of vacations we could go on with the amount of money they spend on the festival!

We had a slow Sunday and enjoyed breakfast on the couch while watching The Office. Then we took a train to Jake’s apartment in the suburbs to pick up his roommate so we could all see a movie. It wasn’t my first choice, but I really did enjoy Captain Marvel. I’m so behind on this movie series and I was afraid I would have no clue what was going on , but luckily it was an origin story so you don’t need to watch the other ones first. After the movie, I took a train back to my apartment so I could shower and meal prep for the upcoming week. I was so behind on personal to do list that I stayed up until 3am just so I could wash my sheets and get everything prepped for the upcoming week.

On Monday, I was really proud of myself for waking up earlier than I normally do on a weekday. My goal is to give myself two hours in the morning before work so I am not rushing out the door first thing in my day. Last summer, I used to be so good at this early morning thing! I would eat breakfast, watch an episode of something, take my time getting ready and feel energized going to work. I blame the cold and lack of sun during the winter for turning into a horrible morning person!

Luckily this week flew by really quickly. Work has been busy and I am speaking up to take on more work. Nothing all that exciting happened this week but I needed an easy week after a fun filled weekend. I got a haircut after work on Wednesday and got a few things done around the apartment after work during the week. After seeing everyone rave about this cleaner from Target on Instagram, I finally picked it up while I was running errands. Guys, it is soooo good! It smells like the Anthropologie Capri Blue candle so I couldn’t stop myself from cleaning every surface in my apartment with it! This gloomy weather hasn’t been that good for my energy levels lately so I am hoping we get some sunshine soon!


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