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I could tell early on that this week was going to go by fast! The weekend flew by way to fast and before I knew it the work week was almost over. Work was eventful, I was busy with projects at home and took time out of my day to simply relax. Over the weekend, I was able to go food shopping which needed to be done desperately. Jake and I were excited to cook a few meals instead of relying on a microwave or ordering in. It’s definitely a struggle to get home from work at a later time and then cook because by then most of my day is over. I used my oven this week and honestly I consider that a really big accomplishment!

What I’m Watching

We watched the new HBO Documentary Leaving Neverland and were in shock. It’s hard to watch but a must-see documentary during the Me Too movement. Jake and I kept commenting on how little we actually knew and were oblivious to during the trial in 2003. Some critics are saying that the documentary is fiction and the victims are just coming forward for the money, but it’s hard to watch them talk about their experiences and not see the pain in their eyes. The two-part documentary is currently on demand right now if you have HBO. I would recommend not watching it on a work night like we did only because we had to immediately watch part 2 before we went to bed because we had to know what happened.

What I’m Wearing

I have successfully not purchased new clothes in a while and I have been putting off laundry as well. My goal is to get creative and actually wear all of the clothes in my closet instead of wearing the same tops over and over. Since I have a limited number of bottoms, I will wash them every week but haven’t washed my tops so now I finally have a chance to go through my closet and decide if I really want to keep the clothes sitting in the back of my closet. By doing this, a lot of my clothes have been put in the donate pile.

What I’m Loving

Kylie Jenner is now the youngest “self-made” billionaire at age 21. This news has encouraged me to make a few self goals for myself to try and improve myself. We can’t all be billionaire’s, but we can all work a little harder on our side hustles!

One of my goals this year is to clean up after myself more. For instance, when I get ready in the morning my vanity becomes a mess covered in the products that I just used. I cleaned up my vanity this morning and it took 10 seconds because everything fits perfectly in this vanity organizer. I highly recommend getting one, or two!, to keep all of your products together.

I received so many messages about this collaboration with Pottery Barn from my friends. It’s a good thing I am broke and don’t have room or else I would buy everythinggg!

I started taking a daily vitamin because I just find myself super sluggish lately so I am hoping this will help. Let me know what vitamins/supplements you take daily!

I really needed a weekend after the long week we had. Nothing really exciting or out of the norm, but it was just a long week. On Friday night, I was excited to put on pajamas and crawl into bed to watch tv. After a slow morning on Saturday, I ended up getting a lot done while watching an entire season of Rizzoli and Isles. I talk more about my morning routine here. My friend Daire came over to return some clothes which is what happens when someone has a key to your apartment for emergencies ha! We ended up ordering Chinese food because both of us had empty fridges and were too lazy to cook.

Jake picked me up on Sunday so we could run some errands. Living in a city has it’s challenges and one of them is shopping. I keep my car at Jake’s apartment because of the free parking so we always have to work out the logistics if I want to use my car for something. My parents gave me a Costco Membership for Christmas and we finally had a free day to make the drive to one. I basically grew up at a Costco so it was fun to take Jake since he had never been to one. We walked around and got a few things ($190 later…) before we did a bigger food shop at Giant for more of the essentials. Something that I have found really helpful while living in a city is to order as much as I can through Amazon and Target. Instead of trying to find a place to park the car, walking the groceries through my apartment lobby, up the elevator, then down the hall, I just have as much as I can sent to my mail room. It’s definitely a process whenever I go shopping.

We had a nonexistent snow day on Monday. Trains were cancelled, schools had delay and there was no snow! Jake ended up coming over when three of his trains home were cancelled last minute. After hearing a coworker talk about the new Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, we decided to watch part one. When it was over, we immediately had to watch part two to find out how this story ended. We didn’t get to bed until after 1am but it was so worth it. This documentary had me in shock!

I was proud of myself on Tuesday because I got a few projects done after work that I have been putting off. My dining room table was covered in clothes to be donated so they got bagged up and are ready to be brought to Plato’s closet or donated. While I was purging, I took my summer clothes out and even got rid of things that I never had the chance to wear last summer. It has definitely been an adjustment going from a beach kid to a city person. My summers consisted of lots of denim shorts and t shirts growing up but now I just don’t wear my “surfer gear” anymore. This project took longer than I wanted it to but I collapsed into bed around 2am with my closet clean and lots of leftover hangers.

It was sooo cold on Wednesday. Freezing! I have been the worst and have fallen behind on watching The Bachelor. I made Jake watch a few episodes with me on Wednesday night and it is really comical watching someone else watch the show. Us gals understand that some girls are on the show for ratings and yes, things are staged. I had to keep reminding Jake that I can’t answer the “why’s” because it’s a tv show! Update, now he’s hooked and needs to know what happens. Are you caught up on the Bachelor?? I love reading the commentary on Twitter during the episodes.

I’m motivated to get stuff done and relax this weekend. I plan on not setting any alarms this weekend to make sure I get all the sleep during Daylight Savings.


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