A Few Things You Should Do This Month

One of the reasons that I love my Simplified Planner is because it has the Simplicity Challenge in it. This challenge is 30 ways to make your life more simple leaving more room for joy. It’s things that we know that we should already be doing like cleaning off our counters, clean out your email and creating habits. I try to do one of these tasks a day and the best part is, it only takes like 15 minutes to do one.

Every month I get so motivated to do this challenge so I started to brainstorm other ways that I can bring joy into my life. Clearly, Marie Kondo has taken over my life lately! What are other ways that I can bring some joy into my life and others around me? On Pinterest, I have been seeing the kindness challenge and thought I would add onto it with some realistic things I can do. You can brighten someone’s day and they can help improve your mood in the process!

Send the first text and make plans with a friend.

Go through your closet and donate the clothes that you know you will never wear.

Your four-legged furry friends also need some loving! Spend some time with your pet after work.

Bring baked goods into the office for your coworkers.

Pick up the check the next time you go out to eat with a friend or S/O.

Send a fun card to a friend who no longer lives nearby for no special reason. Getting real mail that isn’t a bill is amazing.

Host a dinner party for some friends just because.

Clean up someone else’s mess instead of complaining about it.

Surprise a friend with fresh flowers just because.

Invite a friend to go to a gym class with you. For me, I am always afraid to try new things by myself and love going with a friend!

If you are living with someone else, be the one to take out the trash this time.


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