friday favorites

I honestly wasn’t going to post my usual Friday Favorites post today because I have neglected this blog the entire week. There is a post it in my planner that I write down a few of my favorite things to post to the blog each week and list was shorter than most weeks. I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather or my lack of motivation, but I just haven’t been inspired to post anything. There are few blog posts in my drafts that just need some photos, but my work schedule prevents me from getting any photos done after work. Sometimes I question if I still want to blog? Does anyone actually read my blog? Does anyone care what I write about? The good news is that there is a part of me that still loves this little creative outlet I have made for myself on the internet. From the beginning, I started this blog for myself and not to make money or gain a thousand followers. It’s hard not to play the compare game and wonder why some other people have more followers or engagement than me. If you are a blog reader and a double tapper on Instagram, just know that I reallly really appreciate you. Okay, this intro is longer than I thought it was going to be! Oops! Let’s get to my favorite things this week.

What I’m Watching

I am always looking for new shows to watch on Netflix/Hulu/Prime but lately I feel a bit overwhelmed because there are so many shows you can watch. Just a few years ago, I felt like I could keep up on the “it shows” to watch and also find some hidden shows on Netflix that were just as amazing. Maybe I need more time in my day or there are just more shows to watch these days?

After finishing Riverdale last week, I started to watch Rizzoli and Isles on Hulu and I highly recommend. Perfect banter, mystery, and plot to keep me watching.

Products I’m Loving

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner once a week to make my hair silky soft. It’s a bit pricey so I only use it once a week and use dry shampoo in between washes.

What I’m Loving

A few months ago my clothes started not fitting the way they should. I blame it on sitting at a desk for nine hours a day and then taking the train instead of walking to work for 45 minutes like I used to during the summer months. It’s amazing how fast your body changes when you don’t do as much walking as you should. I went from 15,000 steps a day to maybe 5,000 steps and it shows on my body. Because of my body changes, I have stopped buying clothes completely. Nothing looks right on my body and I don’t want to spend the money on a new wardrobe. This explains why there have been very few outfit pictures on my blog and insta feed lately. I’ll be going to Plato’s closet this week to sell some clothes that I am tired of seeing in my closet and it’s been nice to save during this no shopping phase of my life.

Breaking News: Swim is back at Victoria’s Secret!

My favorite mascara now comes in a limited edition design so obviously, I need it.

The exact same sunglasses Meghan Markle just wore and they are budget friendly! Hurry, these will sell out fast!

Lots of gingham in the new J Crew collection.

This bath mat is adorbs.

I spent months researching the best way to store all of my Christmas ornaments. Finally ordering this organizer and wow I am impressed for the price!

I am a firm believer that we should have three day weekends every single week. With three days off I had enough time to get stuff done, relax and actually enjoy time off. Jake and I had plans on Saturday night for a belated Valentine’s Day dinner but he ended up working literally all day and didn’t get to my place until after 11pm. Instead, I got to sleep late and then spend the entire day on the couch snacking and watching TV. It’s been so long since I have had a day that I can do that and I loved every minute of it! Jake had plans with his roommate on Sunday but I took the train to his apartment with him so I could use my car. A few months ago, I gave him my car so I didn’t have to pay for parking in the city. I rarely use my car but some days I just want to run errands with my car and not have to carry everything home with me. #citylife. Celebrated President’s Day by sleeping late and cleaned Jake’s apartment while he went to the gym before we sat in front of the tv the rest of the day while Jake worked from home.

Back to work on Tuesday and luckily it was a busy day so it made the day go by faster. One of our clients sent an edible arrangement for being so helpful on a case the last few months. It’s always nice to see when your work is appreciated by other people.

On Wednesday, we got a few inches of snow but my office doesn’t believe in snow days. RUDE. I didn’t feel all that great when I woke up so I texted my team that I was going to come in late. Luckily, I have a job that lets me come in late when I need to. With the snow, I decided to splurge and take an Uber to work because the trains were running late and the snow was coming down hard! One of the higher ups at the firm had to bring her daughter to work because her daycare was closed so my team got to babysit/play with her daughter while she had a meeting. The highlight of my day!

Work was slow on Thursday but surprisingly the day actually flew by. After I got out of work I forced myself to bike for 5 miles at the gym. I’m hoping I can get better with going to the gym but with this cold weather, I rarely have the energy to get to the gym. Made dinner (this is rare) and finally took down my Christmas tree.

Thank goodness it’s FriYAY! Jake and I are going out to dinner and going to bed early since we have Amtrak tickets to DC tomorrow morning. This week I have been in a firm believer that pretty people should not have to work. Unfortunately, I have rent and student loans to pay so I’m stuck going to work after all. I definitely need to plan a vacation soon so I have something to look forward to! Hope everyone has a relaxing and fun filled weekend!


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