friday favorites

Last weekend was the perfect reminder of why I wanted to move back to Philly for so many years. On Friday night, Jake and I got dinner at Crazy Sushi and I highly recommend it! It’s a typical tiny Philly restaurant so everyone is squeezed in. We had a very entertaining dinner because of the disaster of the first date happening next to us. We slept late on Saturday morning and ran some errands before watching movies all night and ordered food. On Sunday, I woke up early-ish to get brunch with a friend at The Little Spoon. It’s so nice to catch up with a friend and have someone to try new restaurants with. There is a note on my phone with restaurants that I want to try so Sam and I went over my list and made plans to try a few of them. After brunch, I took a long way home and did some window shopping. I didn’t buy anything (just looked!) but I did buy a smoothie which ended up being my late lunch/dinner. I spent my afternoon doing a deep clean of my apartment. This weekend was a good mixture of getting things done, walking around the city, catching up with friends, trying new places, getting some time with my boy and being able to enjoy my Philly apartment.

Monday was a rough start to the week because one of my team members is on vacation. My job isn’t that difficult, but when it’s a busy week and we are down a person in my department, the days definitely feel longer! My friend from college was visiting Philly this week for a job interview and looking for apartments with her mom this week and we were planning for them to stay at my apartment during their stay. I spent Monday night cleaning and ended up rearranging the furniture in the process.

Is it bad that I forgot it was Valentine’s Day this week? I knew what I was going to get for Jake planned out in advance, but it completely slipped my mind over the weekend when I was running errands. Of course, it was pouring on Tuesday when I got out of work and had to walk to Target in the rain. I love living in the city, but sometimes miss how easy it was to be able to drive everywhere. That walk back to my apartment with all of my bags was a struggle!!

On Wednesday afternoon, my friend told me that she and her mom decided to get a hotel room closer to where she had the job interview instead of staying at my apartment that night. I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to see my friend but was kinda excited to be able to chill on the couch and relax. I should have gone to the gym but instead, I watched TV and made dinner. Before bed, I got Jake’s Valentine’s Day present all wrapped up and ready to go.

Thursday was the big day! I looked like a fool walking to the train with a giant garbage bag because it was the only bag that would fit Jake’s Valentine’s Day present. It was a struggle but completely worth it! He surprised me with balloons and presents at my desk. It also came with a lot of curious looks and questions ha! With both of us exhausted, we just ordered in dinner and watched a movie on the couch. Hoping to have a relaxing three day weekend!

With this week’s crazy schedule, I didn’t get much blog work done. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on some blog posts and get them scheduled for next week. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes of this little blog!

A new shampoo I have been trying: Get A Keratin Treatment in a Bottle

I love Sundays now: Why I Love Sundays

What I’m Watching

I needed a show to binge watch this week and realized that I was so behind on Riverdale so I started it from the beginning. It was just what I needed to watch this week after these crazy busy work days.

Products I’m Loving

Nothing new, but I have been loving my T3 hair dryer when I blow dry my hair. I use a few L’Oreal products to keep my hair shiny and healthy. If you ever wanted to get that salon blowout look at home, I highly suggest investing in the T3 hair dryer. It dries my hair fast and makes it smooth like the girls at the salon do it. At night after I wash my hair, I set up a mirror and blow dry my hair while I watch tv so I don’t go to bed with wet hair. Also, haven’t touched my hair straightener in weeks because I haven’t needed it!

What I’m Loving

I got Jake this amazing llama basket for valentine’s day. We have no clue where we are going to put it, but he needed it!

I have been loving this throw blanket with the chilly weather we have been having. Just noticed it is on sale too! It is sooo soft and cozy!

I’ve been wearing this coat a lot lately.

May need to buy this cardigan for work because the AC has been on all winter!

I customized my FabFitFun box this week! Use my link to get $10 off your box!

Interesting article about how … Forty-one percent of millennials have moved to a new place without the intention of permanently staying there. Are you one of those people? I know I am.

I’m loving the Goop podcasts and listening to early 2000s music on Spotify on my commute to work.

This product is a game changer if you have peach fuzz on your face. Not that I have it or anything 😉 But if you want really smooth skin and your makeup to look flawless, I would buy this.

Just bought this soap for my bathroom. It is amazing and almost better than our beloved Bath and Body Works!

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