Why I Love Sundays

I am a firm believer that there are just not enough days in one weekend. There is a day for cleaning and taking care of things from the previous week and then a day for preparing for the next week leaving no room to just relax. Everything that didn’t get accomplished during the week gets moved over to my weekend leaving not a lot of time to do…nothing. Last weekend was originally going to be filled with errands, some cleaning and some scheduled time to relax which makes me LOL because how can you relax when it’s scheduled? Jake and I take turns on the weekend spending time at each others apartment so there is also time going back and forth which can be exhausting. Since he lives in the suburbs, I like to visit him and get my grocery shopping done while I am out there because it is so much cheaper.

On Saturday morning, a friend asked to get brunch on Sunday and I was excited to say yes. But then I realized that would change my plans up a bit. Jake was flexible and he would head back to his place Saturday night so I could get brunch with my friend. I needed a few groceries so we went to Target and I ended up paying double what I usually spend on groceries for the week but it’s just another part of living in the city. My Saturday was jam-packed but luckily Jake and I got some time to relax and watch a movie.

Sunday morning, we went to The Little Spoon and it was fun catching up with an old friend. We have similar restaurants on our lists that we want to try in the future. As much as I hated my alarm going off on a Sunday, I did like having a reason to start my Sunday early so I got to enjoy every single minute of my day off. Sam went on her way to run errands after brunch and I walked around the city for a while before heading back to my apartment. It was barely 2pm when I got home and I had stopped and got a smoothie so I didn’t have to worry about lunch or dinner. After coming home to an empty apartment, I realized that I haven’t had a Sunday with zero plans in a really long time. There is always something to do or somewhere to be.

I tidied up my apartment, did some deep cleaning and only let myself do one load of laundry so I could spend as much time as possible on my couch binge watching Riverdale. Since I made myself get my weekly prep done on Saturday, I had so much more time to just do nothing on Sunday which is very rare! I’m sure I won’t be this proactive every weekend, but I hope that I can get better at having a lazy Sunday to snooze all day on my couch more often!


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