How A Week of Insomnia Made Me Change My Evening Routine

Last week I didn’t sleep. I still cannot explain it and for someone who loves to sleep, it was weird. All of a sudden, my body could not go to sleep at night and as this went on for days, it progressively got worse. This lack of sleep started on Sunday night after a night of tossing and turning with a total of maybe 30 minutes of sleep. Monday night was the same thing but I think I was able to sleep for 2 hours. I felt old because my body cannot go on without sleep like it once did in college! The rest of the week was the same tossing and turning and me not being able to fall asleep!

After a full week of getting no sleep, I decided I needed to do something about it! The hardest part was when I was able to fall asleep around 6am or so and had to be up at 8am for work that day.

Open the blinds

I am very lucky with a large balcony allowing me to have one side of my bedroom to be all windows. Perfect for allowing natural light to come into the room! I have been sleeping with the my blinds open allowing me to wake up with the sun. It is so difficult to get out of bed with a dark room so hopefully when the sun is up – I get up!

Go to bed with clean kitchen

If I am late to work, it is because i spent time looking for keys or my wallet in the morning. I am getting in the habit of cleaning my kitchen at night before I go to bed and packing my work bag so everything is where it should be. If I feel like an over achiever, I pack my lunch and get my breakfast easily accessible for the next morning.

Go to bed in matching pajamas

Maybe it is just me, but I love getting into bed with cute pajamas. It is just a little something that makes me feel better and happier getting into bed. It has been a little something I have been doing for myself lately and I love having an excuse to wear all of the cute pajamas sitting in my drawer.

A clean bedroom

Nothing makes me have more anxiety than going to bed with a messy room. I can live with a few things on my floor here and there, but when it is messy, that is all I think about! I try to keep it clean so I don’t have to go to bed looking a tthe emss around me!

Create a happy morning routine

Having something to look forward to the next morning makes me excited to go to bed. By planning out breakfast the night before or a plan to get coffee on the way to work.


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