Gifts for the Guys in your Life

So I am a little behind in sharing this blog post because I wrote it weeks ago and then forgot to hit publish. Oops! Talk about a blonde moment!! It was our first Christmas together so we put a lot of pressure on each other to give the best gifts. I told Jake that I would love anything pink or fluffy!

Slippers // This was the most exciting present I think I gave Jake for Christmas. I constantly wear my slippers around the apartment and have built quite a collection over the years. Jake kept mentioning he needed to bring a pair over to my apartment because he usually takes my trash out or goes down to my lobby to get food when we order in. Now he doesn’t have to slip on his Vans when he steps out of the apartment and they are soo cozy!

Pajamas // I finally found a guy who gets excited about matching as much as I do! We had a lot of fun picking out matching pajamas at Old Navy in November and this was an early Christmas gift!

Toiletry Bag // Jake and I haven’t traveled a lot together but it is something that we want to make time for more in the future. We have visited my parents three times in North Carolina and once to Disney and each time he had all of his toiletries in a ziplock bag. You can imagine my horror when I saw him packing! Sometimes he lets me pack up his toothbrush and facewash with one of my extra toiletry bags. This Christmas, he got his own!

Book Bag // I am constantly making fun of the backpack he wears everyday to work because it was a free one with our company logo on it and it is falling apart! The seams are coming apart and there are holes in it everywhere! He told me not to buy a new one because he could get another free one at work, so this Christmas he got another company backpack and a nice one too!

Duffel Bag // We don’t travel often, but when we do, Jake is borrowing one of my Vera Bradley duffel bags. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a new duffel bag from Santa but his birthday is just around the corner…

Scarf // Perfect to bundle up with during these cold months!

Bookends // Perfect for any guy with a book collection!

Charging Station // Perfect for the tech guy!

Cable Knit Throw Blanket // Perfect gift to give to that special someone and then use it yourself when you watch a movie!

Power Strip with 8 Foot Cord // I love the 8 foot long cord and the style of the power strip!


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