December’s Top 10

December was a fun month to browse online and do my Christmas shopping because everything was on sale. On Fridays, I try to write a blog post dedicated to my favorite finds and sales that week to make it easy for you guys to shop. This month, I posted a lot of gift guides and items I couldn’t live without this month.

As an affiliate blogger, I can track to see what links are clicked are my blog and analytics tell me the post popular links each month. This information helps me determine what you guys like to see on Blonde Rosie. When links are clicked and purchases are made with the links, Blonde Rosie receives a very small commission which is then used to support this website. I started this blog as a hobby and luckily was able to find a program that helped me make money with my blog. I am so appreciative of every link clicked and every photo liked on my social media. There is a lot of planning that goes into each blog post and photo on Instagram so it means the world to me when my readers use my blog to shop!

Now here are the top ten items on the blog this month…

  1. Slippers
  2. City Coat
  3. City Sidewalk Skirt
  4. Cozy Robe
  5. Embroidered Sweater
  6. Off the Shoulder Sweater
  7. Vail Parka
  8. Batiste Dry Shampoo
  9. Sweater
  10. Flannel Pajama Pants

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