Blonde Moment

So I am doing things a bit different this week since I will be away when I usually post my Blonde Moment blog posts. Throughout the week, I will come back to this draft blog post and update you guys about my week and I will make a list of a few of my favorite things that I am loving. This week I am going on vacation so I have a lot of posts scheduled to go up on the blog while I am way so I can be completely present while on the trip and not have to worry about the blog. Keep an eye on my Instagram for photos daily! On Thursday morning before the sun even comes up, I will be getting on a plane to go to Disney with my boyfriend. This trip to Disney was kinda a surprise after we talked about going “one day” for a while because his family is from Florida so he grew up going all the time. I haven’t been since I was like 8 years old so I don’t remember much. Before Jake and I started dating, we would hang out after work and watch a Disney movie while we ate dinner. It kinda became our thing so when he said “hey, we are going to Disney” I am sure I patted his head and agreed that yes, someday we will go to Disney! Jake had received a nice paycheck after coming back from a two-week long business trip to London and he decided to use it to book a trip for two to Disney. After getting permission from my job to take off for a few days, I booked our flights and he did all of the Disney planning. Since he grew up going to Disney a lot, he was in charge of planning our itinerary while we are down there. I am so excited!!!41728111_159565008310578_277414640777863748_n.jpg

The few weeks leading up to this trip were rough because I was sick, we had a weeklong work event, we both had to work late on projects and the day before we had another work event. By the end of the day on Wednesday, we kept telling each other that we definitely deserved this trip! Packing was a bit weird because I wanted to bring shorts on this trip, but the temperatures kept dipping into the low 40s here in Philadelphia. It is very difficult to pack for Florida weather when I am bundled up in a coat! I am a bit behind on packing because last weekend was super busy but filled with fun plans. A few of my friends and I went to the Harry Potter festival in Chestnut Hill and I got to see my cousins who live there for a bit. Saturday night, I spent a few hours cleaning up my apartment because it was much needed! On Sunday, I spent the morning and mid-afternoon helping my friends unpack a few boxes because they just recently moved. My friends Emily and I went out for lunch and got our nails done before I headed to the outlets with Jake to get him some new clothes for Disney. It was much needed since I threw out most of his wardrobe during the move hehe! With all of the craziness happening over the weekend, I ran out of time to pack so I was dumb and left everything for the last minute. 43744476_245536056137381_6497148770955744724_n.jpg

What I’m Watching

Some night last week when I was getting into bed, I wanted to put something on that I had seen a gazillion times so I didn’t have to pay attention. Gilmore Girls immediately popped into my head and I started with Season 1 Episode 1. I am making Jake watch it with me whenever he is over and he finally understands all of my quotes about coffee! I am also rewatching Gossip Girl at night to fall asleep because I love getting outfit inspiration from that show all these years later. Last Friday, Jake and I did our usual date night where we order pizza and watch a movie on the couch. I bought Hocus Pocus for $5 at Target a few weeks ago and watching it was the best decision we made all week!

A Touch of Fallmrs meyers apple cider hand soap target

I think I mentioned it before, but all of my fall decorations ended up being sent to the North Carolina house during the move. To get my apartment in the fall spirit, I did purchase this apple cider hand soap and have been lighting my Bath and Body Works Leaves candle every chance I can get!

Recent Purchases

Again, I have behaved and kept my spending to a minimum as much as I can! However, when we were at the outlets I did buy this skirt from J. Crew Factory because it was on sale for $30. It is super cute and I wore it to work earlier this week with tights and a black sweater. It is one of those pieces I can wear a dozen different ways so I had to buy it right?!?

Products I’m Loving

I have not tried any new products out this week because trying to pack for the trip after work and getting to bed on time, it is a miracle that I wash my face before bed! However, I am using the St. Tropez tanner before my trip to give my skin some color! I am thinking of adding a tab on my blog or doing a whole blog post with products I use daily. Let me know if you would be interested in something like that.


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