Sunday Rituals

Make Breakfast

I think I am the only person in the world my age who actually eats breakfast every morning before work. I usually have a bowl of oatmeal or cereal at my vanity in the morning while I get dressed. On the weekends, I like to sit down on my couch with the tv on catching up on show or two that I missed the previous week while eating breakfast. It is one of my favorite things to do because I have nowhere to be and I can enjoy eating.

Read in the Morning

My coffee table always has stacks of unread magazines, books that were started and newspapers that are waiting to be read. My Sunday mornings are spent on the couch catching up on some reading. I’ll read a magazine while watching a TV show or try to read a chapter or two while I drink my coffee. I like to slowly begin my day on especially Sunday’s so they don’t feel rushed.

Sort Through The Previous Weeks Mail

My dining room table is covered with mail, important papers and packages I received during the week. It only takes two minutes to throw out the junk mail, open my packages and then file away the important documents.

Tidy Kitchen and Run Dishwasher

The first thing I do every morning is turn on my Keurig and it takes about two minutes for it to heat up. For those two minutes, I tidy up my kitchen, load up my dishwasher, use a Clorox wipe on my counters and then get the trash ready to go out by my front door. By the time I get everything looking clean, it is time for me to hit the brew button on the Keurig!

Laundry + Wash Sheets

Before I sit down on my couch in the morning, I will go into my laundry room and throw a load of laundry in real quick. If I start laundry early enough in the morning, I can get everything washed and put away before I need to leave the apartment to run errands.  The biggest trick tackling laundry every week is to have it running in the background while you do your usual morning routine. Also, wash your sheets every week! It’s a pain, but it feels so good to get into fresh sheets on Sunday night.

Face Mask & a Long Hot Shower

A face mask takes less than five minutes to do and for some reason, I convince myself I don’t have enough time to do one during the workweek. Which is why I like to commit to at least doing a face mask on Sundays before bed. Trust me, your skin will not regret it! When I have zero plans for the rest of the night on Sunday, I like to treat myself to a long hot shower. It’s the perfect time to exfoliate, deep condition my hair,  use a loofah with a good smelling body wash and try a few new products taking up room in my shower.

New Pajamas.

I am not suggesting you go out and buy yourself new pajamas, but I will never tell you that you shouldn’t buy new pajamas! I have a drawer full of pajamas and on Sundays, I like to wear new ones and not the ones that are already on my floor. There is just something about getting into bed on a Sunday night with new pajamas and freshly cleaned sheets!

Decide when you want to go to bed that night.

The first thing I do on a Sunday morning is plan my day backward around the time that I want to be in bed on a Sunday. I typically shower and cook pasta for a dinner on Sunday evenings so then I know how much time I have to run errands or relax during the day. I find this most helpful to make sure I get into bed at a reasonable time on Sundays making my Monday mornings a tad bit easier!

Plan out your week ahead. 

I have a whole blog post dedicated to this topic that you can find here!

Pack Your Work Bag

I am a walking zombie in the morning before I have had a few cups of coffee. I always take the same bag to work and make sure it is always packed for anything I might need for work. It sits by my front door so I can easily grab it and go in the morning!

Put Away Coats & Shoes from Previous Week.

It takes five minutes to tidy up before bed and it makes my apartment look so much cleaner in the morning. My dining room chair becomes hidden when the coats pile up and shoes accumulate quickly after a work week. I take a few minutes each night to put things away so I can find them easier in the morning.


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