Friday Finds

Is anyone else relieved that it is the weekend? I felt like this week would never end!! I have a busy weekend planned with the boy so I will be doing a lot of my shopping this weekend online. After so many weekends in a row of dragging him to North Carolina to spend time with my family, Target and the DMV, I am letting him take me to Comic-Con this weekend. The poor guy did all of the driving to North Carolina so I feel like he deserves a weekend to do the things he actually wants to do ha! It is my first time attending and while I consider myself to be a nerdy person, I have no idea what to expect!

J. Crew Factory

This store will always hold a little place in my heart because working at J. Crew Factory was the best job I ever had. I can actually say that I never dreading waking up to go to work and loved every minute of it. The chaos, designing the store, organizing denim – I loved it all! Since I worked here, I know what to purchase, when to buy and this fall collection did not disappoint! Their fall and holiday collections are always worth buying right away because these items do sell out quickly! I picked a few of my favorites below.

  • This necklace is a must for the office in the fall! I love to wear it with a basic sweater and pants to work because it can make an outfit look a bit more dressy and put together.
  • I have been eyeing these leopard shoes for a while now because they are perfect for fall! This fall, the “it pattern” to wear is leopard and if you are not brave enough to wear a leopard coat, you can start small with some leopard shoes. This is a pattern that comes back in style every few years and I think this time it is here to stay for a while. 
  • For my working girls, this sweater blazer is a must have! I know at my desk that I am always freezing and need to wear a cardigan to keep me warm. This sweater blazer is a dressier version of the cardigan and is the perfect layering piece for the office. You can wear it with jeans or to the office if you need to wear a blazer or to stay warm at work!
  • Maybe it was because I worked at J. Crew Factory and had to fold them so many times, but I became obsessed with the tissue turtlenecks.
  • This Chanel dupe shoe is a must have at this price! I have a feeling that this style of shoe will be the “it shoe” of the season.
  • I am obsessed with these slippers and wear them allll the time because they are so cozy. These always sell out before Christmas so be sure to buy a pair now because you will hate yourself when it is cold outside and you want cozy slippers!
  • Buy this skirt in every single color because it is a staple in my fall and winter wardrobe for work.
  • And finally, my favorite item from the fall collection at J. Crew Factory is this skirt!

Old Navy

Sometimes I go into Old Navy and I need all the things and then other times I go and I can leave without buying anything because I don’t need it. I spent a small fortune on the Spring collection, the summer collection was meh. However, this fall collection makes me want to buy everything!

  • The “it shoe” for transitioning into fall is always going to be a good mule shoe! Old Navy has a more affordable version of the mule that every girl needs in her closet.
  • If you need a throw on and go dress, I highly recommend this long sleeve dress for fall.
  • This dress is perfect for the office and it has ruffles making it a must-have!
  • I love flannel shirts but for some reason, they just never look right on me. I actually own this fitted plaid top from last season and it quickly became a favorite top because of the fit!
  • Old Navy always does a good job making the basic t shirts stylish with a few fun details. I am loving these long sleeve shirts because they are easy to throw on and can be worn with jeans or leggings.
  • I never saw a Henley that I didn’t like and I can tell that these henleys are going to sell out fast! They also come in fun colors here too.
  • I will be buying this suede skirt in every single color because the price is amazing! With tights and little booties, I can easily make this a work outfit too!
  • And finally, my favorite piece from Old Navy right now is this cardigan in camel!


There is never a time that I can walk into Loft and not buy something! Anyone else?? I have a few things in my shopping cart online and I think this is a good weekend to purchase with the sale going on!

  • The minute I saw this dress in stores I knew it needed to come home with me!
  • I have a similar version of this blouse from Loft from last Spring and I may need to get this one too because they are so easy to throw on in the mornings for work.
  • I saw someone who I didn’t know at work wearing this dress and is it bad that I knew right away it was from the Loft?? Anyway, after seeing this windowpane flounce dress on her I knew I needed it in my closet!
  • Loft makes the best skirts for work and even though I don’t need any new ones I may need to add this black skirt to my closet. This plaid ruffle skirt is also adorbs too!
  • I saw every blogger on Instagram talking or wearing this cami and I finally bought it over the summer and I am so happy I did!

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