some changes I made this past week

Maybe it was the change in weather or my body is just ready for some change, but I have decided to make some healthy changes in my life this past week. For the most part, I have to blame my internal clock for this big change because lately, I have been waking up at 5:45am every single morning the last few weeks. There is no reason for this change in sleep pattern and it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, before or after midnight – I am awake at 5:45am. For some, this may be great, however, I go into work later than most people and I have another few hours to go before I need to go into the office. This week though, I decided to wake up between 6am and 7am to see how much it would affect my day. The first day, I was able to sit down and actually eat a real breakfast, spend an hour getting ready and battling my frizzy hair with a hair straightener and finally not be rushed while getting dressed in the morning. I left my apartment earlier than I usually do on Monday and it was nice to have some time at my desk before I had to start working. That night I came home from work, made dinner and washed my face before heading to bed around 11pm. I slept so well that night too and I think it was because I woke up early that day.

On Tuesday, I wondered if I could still commit to waking up early and I was out of bed before 7am again. I spent the morning cleaning my kitchen and still had time to sit on the couch and eat breakfast. Lazy mornings are one of my favorite things in the world and now I can lounge around and still have time to get ready in the morning. With the extra time in the morning, I had time to pack a lunch and make another cup of coffee before heading out the door. While I don’t have time to commit to the gym like I should, I do walk for about an hour each way to work every day. I consider that my workout because I get 10,000 steps in just from my commute to and from work.

J. and I decided to go out for Date Night on Wednesdays because on Friday’s we have no energy to go out and end up ordering in. We went to see a movie after work and it was nice to do something social after work. I rarely get to because I get out of work so late leaving little time for fun before bed. The rest of the week, I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to that evening, but I made an effort at least! I snoozed my alarm some mornings and my bedroom still needs to be cleaned. There is a post it on my fridge with this list to keep me motivated to wake up earlier to have a lazy morning and to have more relaxing evenings. How do you spend your weeks while juggling work, social events and sleep?

  1. 6am Wake Up Time
  2. Lazy Mornings
  3. Make Breakfast
  4. Pack a Real Lunch
  5. Spend time on Skincare
  6. Work Out
  7. Deep Clean of Apartment
  8. Tidy Up Every Night Before Bed
  9. Wash Hair Less
  10. Read a Little Before Bed

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