Top Ten Favorite Products in July

I have sat down a few times to write this post but then I get distracted or start snacking and Instagram pulls me in. Now it is mid-August and Fall is almost here making Summer basically over and I am not okay with how fast this summer is flying by! I have so many things I want to do this summer and more importantly, so many more outfits to wear!

July is the first month that I started to see some real progress with my blog and Instagram page. Since moving to Philly a few months ago, I have really put my heart and all of my energy into the blog. With more consistent content on the blog, more sponsored posts and getting better at taking photos – it is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes! Even though a lot of planning and work goes into blog posts and photos, I love every single moment of it! I could do this for free or without the free products I get sent because I love sharing little parts of my life on the blog and sharing fun outfits and products with you all. However, what is nice is that I do get some compensation for putting all of this effort into the blog. I get a small payment through affiliate links that track how many times they are clicked and if purchases are made using the links on my blog. Every time you click a link, I get a small (very small!) compensation and if you make a purchase with one of my links, I get a small (a tad bit more than a click) compensation. Obviously, where I am now in the blog is not enough to pay my rent or even my electric bill for the month but it is nice to see my profit add up over time.

I have always loved to share outfits and dress my friends in clothes they already have in their closet. I cannot tell you how many times in college I would be asked to pick out outfits for my girlfriends to wear and I still get the texts! That is one of the reasons I love sharing my outfits on Instagram because I am always sharing my outfits of the day and how I wear the same piece in different ways.

Below are the top 10 items that you all were interested in July on the blog. I love to see what products you guys click to see more information on so I can post more about them on the blog. It helps me plan content and encourages me to make a few more purchases for the blog 😉


1. bathing suit


2. Denim Shorts


3. Eyelet Hem Tank


4. Embroidered Cami


5. Shower Curtain


6. Soap Dispenser 


7. Block Heels


8. Pink Chair

9. Earrings

img_331210. Pink Skirt


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