Swimwear with Target

img_3376img_2905img_2890img_2891Bathing Suit // Coola Sunless Tan Mousse // Coola Face Serum

I have dozens and dozens of bathing suits in my drawer and every time I go the pool in my building, I have been grabbing the same one-piece bathing suit each time! This striped bathing suit specifically caught my eye immediately because of the fun colors in it. I had it in my shopping cart for weeks trying to convince myself that yes, I needed another bathing suit even though I can barely close my bathing suit drawer as it is. When it went on sale during a Cartwheel promotion I knew I needed to buy it!

Now that I am in my mid-twenties and especially living in a city apartment building, I feel like I can’t get away with lounging by the pool in the tiny bathing suits I wear to the beach. I like that this one has a fun cutout in the front and I can keep eating chips and salsa and not have to worry about my food baby showing (ha!).

Every single time I have gone to the beach or pool this summer, I can’t help but wear this bathing suit! Target has so many amazing bathing suits this summer and the price point is perfect for any budget! A few of the bathing suit styles have started to go to clearance too! As a girl who has not worn a one-piece bathing suit since I was eleven years old, I can’t help but want to buy more one-piece bathing suits! I blame Target and their cute bathing suits this year.

I am also faking my tan this summer with Coola sunless tanning mousse because it starts to turn my skin a natural looking tan within hours. I did a little photoshoot for Coola a few weeks ago and was so tan when I went down to the pool a few hours later. Now that I see my pale skin in these photos from over the weekend, I will be re-applying as soon as I can tonight! This upcoming weekend, I am visiting a childhood friend in my hometown for a beach day and I need a little glow before I step foot onto the beach! That is why I love Coola because it is natural looking and I tan quickly.


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