Hello, August + Instagram Round-Up

I feel like the 4th of July was forever ago, but then the rest of the month just flew by! This month, I spent my weekends driving back home to Jersey to pack up the house before the move and then finding room in my apartment for all of the things I brought back with me. My family and I filled two big moving trucks with belongings and filled dozens of garbage bags full of things we just couldn’t keep. As much as I dreaded driving back to Jersey on the weekends to clean and pack, I tried to enjoy each time being home as much as I could. July was a busy month for me with every hour planned out for something to do or somewhere to be. Hopefully this month I can actually be lazy on weekends and enjoy some of the amenities of my building, I have a pool and I have only been in it once!

We locked the doors to our family home for the last time on August 1st and my parents get the keys to their new house in North Carolina next week. In the meantime, my parents are going to stay with me at my apartment before heading to the new house. It doesn’t bother me because I spend 11 hours of my day at work and we have fun things planned for the weekend. My mom also pointed out that she co-signed for my apartment so she can get into my building whenever she wants 😉 Even though I moved into my apartment in mid-April, I feel like I am finally all moved in and settled into the apartment. This is the first time my parents have seen my apartment in person since they moved me in months ago and it is so much fun to have a place to show off and have guests.

When I first sat down to write my monthly recap, I felt like I haven’t accomplished this month because all of my free time was spent packing up our New Jersey house. I was sitting on the couch with my mom in my apartment and she looked around as she told me how proud she was of me. All I did that day was wake up really early to clean up the apartment and go to work, so I didn’t really know what I did that was so impressive. Now if you know my mother at all, she is known for her attention to detail while decorating. She can turn any room and make it special within minutes with a few throw pillows or decor. It is the biggest compliment in the world hearing that my mom is impressed by my apartment. I spent weeks moving decor around and went to Homegoods every week looking for the perfect pieces to bring into the apartment. I found a way to bring pieces from my parents’ house and incorporate them into my apartment without making it look like clutter. I am looking forward to a rainy weekend when I can just sit on the couch all day and watch movies.

With my parents staying with me this week, I have a clean apartment, a stocked fridge, and my dad is driving me to and from work saving me from my hour walk commute! At this point, I would be fine with my parents moving in! It feels so good to come home to my laundry done and clean apartment after weeks of living with boxes waiting to be unpacked! I hope to enjoy every warm day of August because when Fall comes around I will be missing these warmer days.

Also going to share an Instagram round up of all my posts on Instagram this month with all my outfit and blog post details.

img_3313Easy Work Outfit

Skirt, on major sale right now. // Top, old but found a similar one // Bag, from last season, but here is this years version // Flats, perfect for work

Full Blog Post Here


Bathroom Accessories

soap dispenser, I love the blush pink color! // garbage can, It is a perfect size and matches my bathroom perfectly! // bath mat, Saw this in the store and knew it needed to come home with me! // shower curtain, I spent weeks looking for the perfect one and this looks a lot more expensive than it actually is!

You can read all about my bathroom decor here.

N sale home

This is the last weekend of the Nordstrom sale and you can get some items for your home here. img_2865-1

Work Outfit

Old J. Crew top and my moms skirt from the 80s! As much as I love to buy new clothes each season, I try to buy clothes I can wear year after year. These shoes were a new purchase this summer and I wear them daily!

Talked about how I stay productive after work in this blog post!


Work Outfit

This dress is very very old from Loft and I wear it constantly in the summer to work. I was able to share some similar dresses in this blog post. Since I loved my nude heels so much, I also purchased them in black because yes, they are that amazing!

Florals At Golden Hourimg_2887

Easy Weekend Outfit

I have been living in these shorts this summer and have neglected the other dozen shorts in my closet. The fit and length are perfect making them so easy to throw on for going out with friends or running errands.

Tank, size down. // Shorts, true to size. // Shoes, worth every penny!

I made it easy to see what I have recently purchased at Loft by clicking the Shop tab on my blog. 


Sometimes I do fun things on the weekend!


I love my new city


Obsessed with this new bathing suit and even more obsessed with this fake tan from Coola!img_3184

Easy Weekend Outfit

My favorite thing to wear on the weekends are a t shirt and denim shorts. I have been buying t shirts from Loft lately because they are a bit more dressy than a basic t shirt. I am in love with this palm tree print one!img_2936

Sightseeing Outfit

I love to just throw on a top and it to be dressy enough that I don’t need to think too much about my outfit. I love the detail on this black tank making it perfect to walk around the city in without having to put too much effort in my outfit when it is hot and humid outside!


The Perfect Summer Outfit!

I told you that I wore these shorts every single day! This classic summer tank is still fully stocked and a must have for summer.


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