A Blonde Moment

img_1457This week has been so crazy I don’t know how to begin. Before I start sharing my usual favorite things and pictures of outfits I wore this week, I need to say a big thank you. I shared some big life news on social media this week and I was blown away from the love and support I received. I was finally able to share some big life events going on in my life with you all. It was tough to open up about them because by talking about it they all became real. A relationship ended unexpectedly and I had to leave my job all in one week. When I finally had the courage to share all of this, you guys sent me so many wonderful texts and messages of encouragement. Putting stuff on social media sometimes feels so empty because you don’t see the other person reading it or have a real conversation with people. I often just write in bed and hope it gets read one day. It was a tough week, but I am doing much better.

Thursday was officially my last day at my job that I have had for almost two years and loved every minute of. My role in the company was being changed and before I agreed to the changes, I had to sit down and ask myself if I wanted to stay with the company. I loved my job, but I knew it was not my forever job. Since December, I have been interviewing with different law firms in Philadelphia and while the process is slow, it is where I see myself in a few months. It was a difficult decision and I had to make it quickly, but I decided to leave my job for funemployment while I tried to get a job in Philadelphia.

My parents were off for Black Friday and my mom didn’t want me in bed sulking that I was unemployed and such, so my mom suggested we go to Philadelphia and look at apartments. We spent the day touring the apartment building I have had my eyes on for a few months. I was already in love with the building, but after visiting my parents understood why I really wanted to move in. It is a bit pricey and I will have to work a second job to afford rent, but I know it is the right decision for me. I went from having zero plans to filling out an apartment application!

On Saturday, I had zero plans except to maybe clean my closet and lounge around in bed for the day. One of my best friends texted me around noon to ask what I was doing and then proceeded to invite herself over to my house. We went to the beach, grabbed lunch and then curled up in my bed to watch movies. We laughed because if I end up moving into the apartment building I looked into, we would end up being neighbors because she also lives in the apartment. For so long I have longed for a friend nearby to grab coffee with or just lay in bed and watch a movie. One of the reasons I am making the steps to move to Philly without a job is because I need a social life. I miss having my friends nearby and for the last two years all I have done is work and work with very little time for fun.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I think I wore real clothes for about an hour before getting back into pajamas and binge watching Brothers & Sisters the entire day with my hand in my Easter basket!

And as always, here are a few of my favorite things this week…

Things I Am Loving


I spent Sunday doing some furniture shopping online because they had a sale. With my schedule, I just never have the time or energy to go food shopping or I will run out of face wash and don’t have the time after work to get new stuff. I have been taking advantage of the free shipping on $35+ orders because it saves me the trip to the store. During the week, if I notice I am running low on grocery items or basics I can easily add it to my shopping cart and hit the checkout button at the end of the week. Within two days I usually get a big box delivered to my doorstep with face wash, cereal and whatever other items I needed that week. Planning for my new apartment is easier than I thought because I am ordering furniture to my house for free and can have it all boxed up ready to throw in the UHual.

Things I Am Wearing

This week on the blog, I shared a blog post dedicated to stripes for National Stripes Day.I have dozens of stripe tops in my closet because they can easily be worn casually or dressed up for work.

Products I Am Loving


I know I have talked about it before on the blog, but I thought I would mention it again because I am about to use it all up. Garnier Micellar Water is a night and day time favorite after I wash my face. It helps get all of my makeup off and I know that my face is really clean and ready for makeup in the morning. I cannot praise this product more because it really is that amazing! img_0326

Now that it is officially Spring, I have been kinda obsessed with the color pink. My spring wardrobe is making its way into my closet and my makeup has become a bit more rosey. I have been using the Maybelline City Kits in Pink Edge because I love how it gives me that pop of pink and brightens my face.


On The Blog This Week

National Stripes Day with J. Crew!

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2 thoughts on “A Blonde Moment

  1. I’m so glad things are coming together for you! I’m excited for how much fun the next stage of your life will be!

    I love that micellar water! I had always used the Simple one but I think next time I will buy the Garnier one! How pigmented are the maybelline shadows?? I’m generally not a huge fan of maybelline products but I keep looking at this one!


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