A Blonde Moment

As a result of the snow storm this week, I ended up with a three day weekend in the middle of the week leaving me very disoriented. At work this morning, I forgot what day of the week it was and I am struggling to keep up with everything. My to do list at work is growing, but I have to admit it was nice to have three days off to catch up on some housework. With my house on the market, it has to be in perfect shape at all times in case a realtor takes a family through it. That means that beds have to be made, kitchen counters cleared (no crumbs!) and my bathroom sink has to be clear of any products! Right now my next obstacle is that our closets have to be emptied for the next open house. This is kind of a difficult task in that when I box up my things; 1) I have no where to put them besides the basement, which also has to be empty 2) I still have to get dressed everyday!! 3) I now have no clue where any of my personal things are!

I hope everyone had a productive snow day even if that included sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix…. it is something we just don’t do enough!

Things I Am Loving

Elan Gale You're Not That Great

With this crazy cold weather and constant snow, I am still grabbing my favorite blankets to curl up in at night. It is technically Spring, but my cozy Pottery Barn throw blankets are going no where anytime soon! If you have the budget, I would highly recommend investing in one or two of their blankets. They are seriously worth every penny! I started to read again before bed and I am really loving You’re Not That Great (but neither is anyone else) by Elan Gale. An easy read, very honest and a full of things that we just need to remind ourselves sometimes.

Things I Am Wearing

old navy haul

When I was in Atlanta last month, my friend and I went into Old Navy and ohhh myyy goooodness! We did a lot of shopping because there were so many cute things that I needed to have! I did a full blog post about my recent Old Navy finds that you can find here. They have really stepped up their fashion game lately!

Products I Am Loving


This month, I have teamed up with Supergoop and Influenster to use and review the Invincible Setting Powder . So far I am in love with the setting powder and the fact that it offers SPF 45 makes me like the product even more. On Monday, I have a Botox appointment scheduled because of years of sun damage. Now that I am inching toward my late twenties, my commitment to skincare is stronger now more than ever.

Things I am Watching


After some scrolling looking for a new show, I stumbled upon the old show, Brothers & Sisters. I quickly binged watched two seasons and it is so so sooo good! I highly recommend it. I have always had a girl crush on Calista Flockhart after watching Aly McBeal last summer, so it easily became my new favorite tv show. I literally race home after work so I can crawl into bed to watch another episode.


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