Nighttime Routine

I love sleep. I love the process of getting ready for bed because I know it is one step closer to my bed! As much as I would love to just throw pajamas on after work and crawl into bed, I need to first do a few steps before that.

I try to shower at night, but if I close the store and have to be up early the next morning, I will just settle with washing my face to make sure I go to bed with a clean face. I love to use this makeup remover for getting all of my makeup off. I wear a lot of face makeup and do a heavy eyeliner every day, so I need a product to get all of that eye makeup off.

Once I get all of my makeup off, I wash my face with a simple face wash if I want to get into bed asap. I have multiple different face washes because my face breaks out so easily. I have some that are good at getting rid of my acne, but I try to just use my deep cleaning face wash to primarily get rid of all of the makeup on my face. (I also use this one to clean my beauty blender) If I have a few minutes…. I will do a face mask before I go to bed. Right now I like this peel off face mask. I will put it on and then clean up my room or bathroom for the few minutes I have it on. I will put laundry away in the bin, pick things off the floor, clear off my vanity. It is a great way to clean up my bedroom while I have to wait until I can take my face mask off. My final beauty step is to use a moisturizer. I have used many, but right now I am using this moisturizer.

If I do have the energy to shower after work, I will put a thin coat of Jergens on my legs and arms when I get out of the shower. By the time I get to my room and get my pajamas on, my skin has absorbed most of the lotion so I can put on clothes. I prefer the Harmons generic version, but a little bit of this helps me to have slight color and not look so pale.

Then as I get into bed, I spray my pillows with a lavender spray. Seems a bit silly, but my mom got it for me and I really do think it calms me while I lay in bed. Then I put a little bit of lotion on my hands because my hands get so dry lately.

Then finally, after all of these steps, I finally get into bed, try to get through an episode of Netflix and fall asleep! Let me know what your nighttime routines are in the comments. As I write this, I just finished my nighttime routine and about to doze off!


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