dressing room diaries: LOFT

I did some shopping this week… I tried really hard not to buy anything, but when LOFT has a 50% off sale…I neeeed everything! Be sure to follow my Instagram @blonderosie for more dressing room try ons like this one!


Eyelet One Shoulder Top

This one shoulder top is going to be a summer go to outfit. It is made out of comfortable t shirt material with a gorgeous eyelet fabric on the shoulder detail.


Striped Off the Shoulder Top

I have been seeing this style of shirt everywhere and I knew I needed it when I saw it for this price. I love the blue and white stripe detail, but what I love more is the texture of the shirt material. It is a stiff material that I know will stay in place and it doesn’t look like a tent like some off the shoulder tops. Also the knot ties on the arms are just too cute!img_5725

Unfortunately this top was all sold out when I went to order it in a smaller size. But how cute are the little details?!? I love love love this top, just wish it came in my size.img_5724

Floral Jacquard Peplum Shell

It is hard to tell in this photo, but this little peplum top is super soft and has little details sewn in it. It is a nice crop tank to wear with white jeans for the summer. I love the v neck detail and how it swings back and forth.  I did put this one back because I have so many of tanks at home I don’t think I have room for one more!img_5727

Lou & Grey  Striped Signature Soft Drop Shoulder Dress

I went to the Loft to buy this one dress….when I put it on I immediately fell in love with it. Not only does it have pockets, but it is so so so soft! THis material is amazing. It feels like cashmere and a sweatshirt  I can dress this up for work or throw it on at the beach. Any dress that I can wear for more than one occasion is definitely worth buying! I can already tell I will be wearing this one every single day over the summer, even if it is just to watch tv on the couch because it is that comfy. You neeeed this dress!img_5728

Lace Yoke Swing Dress 
This is a dress I walked by while walking to the fitting room. I saw it and thought why not, I’ll just try it on. The dress material is made out of this really soft material so it feels like a soft t shirt, but it has this amazing detail up on top. I can wear it out to dinner with family or to work. This is something that I will keep in my closet forever. img_5729Last week was the Friends & Family Event at Loft and everything was 40% off. I went in just to browse… I was so proud of myself for walking out and not buying anything. However, over Easter Weekend, everything was 50% off with free shipping and of course I had to browse through the website and just look at the items I wanted. Again, I was so proud of my self control!

On Sunday night, I got a text from my friend saying ” LOFT LOFT LOFT” telling me I had to shop the sale. She was a horrible influence encouraging me to spend money on clothes. I told myself I could live without it and went to bed with nothing in my shopping cart online. The next day, that same friend told me that they extended the sale into Monday. I took the long way home after work and stopped by the Loft. My plan was to try on clothes and then order them online because the sale was online only.

One of the hardest parts of having a best friend who lives in a different state is not being able to shop with them. In college and to this day, when we are together we love to walk through stores and try things on. Even though we are a few states away, we find ways to stay connected. I sent her photos of clothes I tried on and waited for her approval. This became a bad influence when she told me that everything looked good on me and I ended up buying almost everything I tried on. So much for saving my money this month! It would be easier if we still lived with each other because then we would only have to buy one of everything instead of both of us buying it! HA!

But this LOFT sale was too good not to shop!
The items I bought are worth the investment and are some of the top styles this spring and summer.

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