How To Make Your Space Look Clean

img_5393One of my favorite things to do is to get on my hands and knees and clean my kitchen floor. Not you? That’s okay! You don’t have to like to clean to keep your space looking clean. During the week, I often come home and am too tired to clean up after myself, however I have a few tricks to be messy while still making your space look clean. Keep reading to find out how I pull it off!img_5258img_5269img_5246img_5248img_5261img_5249img_5259

To me, having a clean space means that there is nothing on my floor. Everything is in it’s place! Clean means different things to different people, so decide what you want a tidy space to look like. If you don’t mind a sink full of dishes as long as they are in your sink and not on your counter, that works for you! If you need all of the dishes to be in a dishwasher or washed and put away, that isn’t considered an extra step, it is just clean to you.

I like to spend 10 minutes (or less!) cleaning a room before I go to bed…

Yes, I am crazy. But try doing this for a week and you are going to fall asleep after as soon as your head hits the pillow! I apply this rule to the living room, where we watch tv, my bathroom and finally my bedroom. Set a timer, put on a Netflix show and get as much done as you can. I feel like we don’t clean during the week because we tell ourselves it is too much to do after a day of work. If you bring all of your cups and dishes to the kitchen that you used that day and put them in the dishwasher, I am sure your space looks much cleaner than it did. I fold up blankets that I used in our tv room, put my shoes in my closet that I wore that day, and put my coat up on its  hook.

I am a big fan of catch all baskets and I have them all over my house. I have one for my mail by the front door, for throw blankets and for items to deal with later in my bedroom. Having a place to throw clutter to deal with later is not always a bad thing…just remember to go back to it when you have time!

I love Clorox wipes and Endust. I have an obsession with cleaning supplies in general, but I reallyyy love having them on hand when I clean at night. It takes two seconds to wipe down a counter and it helps me stay aware of keeping my counters clutter free when I go to wipe them down at night.

First step…. light a candle and put on a Netflix show.

Living Room/TV Room

Put all of the blankets away
Fix the pillows on the couch
Remove whatever does not belong in the room
Put your mail in a designated basket
If it needs to be done, vacuum or sweep
Dust once a week with Endust


This is a place that can turn into a disaster if not maintained daily…

Put dishes in the dishwasher, run it if its full and while your Keurig is heating up empty it out the next morning
Put all pots and pans away after cleaning them
Make sure all food is put away except for your lunch the next day on the counter
Wipe down your counters with a Clorox wipe daily
There should be nothing on your kitchen counters that doesn’t belong
Follow the clean sink rule, never go to bed with anything in your sink
Sweep kitchen floors if needed


I clean my bathroom while I brush my teeth…

Make sure counters are cleared while you brush your teeth
Products are put away while you are brushing your teeth
Use Clorox wipe on every surface while you are brushing your teeth
Put toilet cleaner in at night and let it sit over night. I do this 2x/3x a week
Clean your shower while you are in the shower
Empty garbage at least once a week


I don’t wash all of my clothes after one use and some of it is dry clean only, but I am not about to start hanging up clothes when I am about to get into bed! Instead I have a designated chair in my room and when the chair starts to overflow with clothes, it is time to put them away!

Use the chair system for your clothes to keep them off of the floor
I make sure all of my makeup is put away in my vanity
My vanity counter should be clear of clutter
Wipe it down with a Clorox wipe
All dresser drawers should be closed
Feel free to throw stuff to deal with later on your closet floor
Close your closet door
At least put your shoes away every night
Make sure there is nothing on your floor
Put dirty laundry in your laundry basket. Just do it!


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