life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be

I wanted to let you know that I washed my hair today. You are probably like, okay..but why are you telling us that you washed your hair? With my work schedule, I wash my hair two times a week because it takes so much precious time out of life to do. My hair routine revolves around dry shampoo because my hair gets oily very fast. With my frizzy hair I often have to use serums and products to keep my hair tamed which causes oil and more dry shampoo is needed. In my calendar I plan when to wash my hair, that is how little time I have to style my hair!


While I try to spend as little time as I can fussing with my hair during the week, I also spend a lot of money on my hair and a lot of time in a salon chair. I am at the salon at least once a month and block off time in my calendar to spend time on my hair. I get a lot of compliments on my hair because it is healthy and dyed a perfect shade of blonde. With a new year, comes an urge to make a drastic change with our hair. If you are thinking about going blonde, going for a major chop or getting bangs, here are some tips and advice.

1) Go to a Professional

When I was a freshman in high school I started dyeing my dirty blonde hair blonde platinum blonde. Once a month, I would have my mom dye my hair with box dye and while I loved the look and the low costs, after a few years I started to see the damage it did to my hair. I always had long hair, and I was forced to do a major chop to get my healthy hair back. Now that I found a salon that I love (and trust) I know that I can sit down in the chair, stroll Instagram and not look back up until it’s all done! It usually takes a few appointments for them to correct any color damage or hair mistakes from a previous salon. I found a hair salon that allows you to have a Hair Membership- it’s like a gym membership where you only pay a monthly fee and can get unlimited hair cut, color and blowouts. Every month I book a root touch up, every two months I get a trim and every 3-4 months I get new highlights. With this investment, I can protect my hair keeping it healthy and shiny in between salon visits.

2) Use The Right Hair Products

I am always the bargain hunter, but a few years ago my hair stylist lectured me on using the right products for my hair. Using a cheap shampoo is great for the wallet, but you are literally washing money down the drain. My hair started to get brassy, I was losing my blonde and my hair looked like bleh. Influenster reached out to me and analyzed my hair with a questionnaire. I love the blow out look I get from the salon, but lack the energy to use various hair tools and a million products to achieve the look. Influenster and Loreal sent me a package of L’Oreal Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Mask, Shampoo  & Conditioner. My roots are oily, my ends are dry and with every product I use it fixes one issue and damages the other. I have used the Loreal Hair Shampoos and Conditioners for years, but with the broad line of shampoos I never knew which one to use!img_3607img_3608img_3609img_3610img_3611

Plus, I love the blue colors of the bottle because it looks so pretty in my shower! After one use, I loved the way my hair air dried and it felt very clean. My hair also kept its blonde color post shower which is a huge plus!

3) Invest in a hair mask.

I use a face mask twice a week and have a moisturizer routine every night, but I didn’t see the benefit of using a mask. But then I did my research! After using the L’Oreal Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Mask I cannot imagine a shower without using one now! It is important to know that not all hair care products are made equal! Lately, hair care is changing drastically. So take advantage of the changes and improvements in hair care. On Pinterest, there are all of these DIYs with mayo and eggs and I was not letting any of that touch my hair! But now companies like Loreal are investing in hair products.


L’Oreal Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Mask is applied to dry hair and left on for 5 minutes. I was happily surprised by the clay, it was a smooth texture without any gritty feeling. It is light and airy and not like a dense clay like I was expecting.  This combination makes applying super easy and easy to wash out.  The result is clean and silky hair without having to apply any other products.  I am in love with my hair and I want the world to know it!

5) Protect your shine

The sun, product build-up, overuse of hair tools and chlorine all dull your hair color and dull your shine.

6. Purple Shampoo

To prevent my hair from looking brassy , use a purple shampoo. This helps hair from turning brassy, which is my biggest hair problem. Once a month I use a purple shampoo and I recommend this one!

Thank you to Influenster and Loreal for sponsoring this post and sending me my new hair care favorites for free for a review!


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