This post is a little different this week. Today I want to share with you some fall pieces I am adding to my fall wardrobe and how to get your closet ready for fall. 

Two weeks ago I finished transitioning my closet from my summer to fall wardrobe and that was definitely a process! I have two closets and a lot of bins full of fall clothing so it took a full day and a half to put all of my summer clothes away, purge and then put fall stuff in my closet. I try to organize and put away my fall wardrobe right away so I can finally see what I have doubles of, what I need to purge, and what I am missing from my fall wardrobe. If I haven’t worn it in two years or it was out of style I donated it. The last year I have made a big effort to simplify my life and give away anything I don’t need. I donated 6 garbage bags of clothing by the end of the weekend!

Organizing Hints:

  • I am in charge of ordering from Staples for my office and since we go through a case of paper a week I bring home the empty cases home to store things in. They are the perfect size for my closet and are stackable. I went around my room and put all of my summer shirts in a box and my dresses in a box.
  • Of course… everything labeled for when I do this process again! I have a set number of boxes to store summer clothing. If it doesn’t fit, I make myself decide if I really need it or get rid of something else to make it fit. It really helps me keep control of my closet and make it manageable.
  • The hardest part about unpacking my fall wardrobe is finding a place for all of my sweaters! They are a winter staple, but they are bulky and difficult to find places to store them. I purchased a hanging shelf from Target and it is a perfect place to store all of my sweaters.

I am so excited the weather is starting to get cooler so I can finally wear a fall sweater and boots. Here are some of my must-haves for fall!

Purse One of the easiest and affordable purchases to a fall wardrobe is a new bag. Now that I have money to spend I want to use it wisely when it comes to my wardrobe. A purse is a great way to start building a wardrobe.

Remember to look for duplicates if you cannot afford the designer bag you want. Target, H&M and Old Navy are known for having the same style for a lot less!

Shoes Fall booties are a staple in a fall wardrobe. I spent hours looking online trying to find the perfect boots with my budget. I decided to get brown booties from Nordstrom after a lot of research! They are adorable and budget friendly! I desperately need a new pair of suede booties, so the next time Old Navy has a sale I will be purchasing these.

Accessories Did you know that Target has plaid blanket scarves in their dollar bin?? Run to your nearest Target because I almost spent $40 on one when I bought two for $7 each instead! img_1464-2

I currently have a black floppy hat, but a part of me also realllly wants this one too!

What are some pieces you are adding to your wardrobe this fall? Let me know in the comments.


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