Hello, August

This summer has been different than previous summer because for the first time I actually feel like an adult. In previous summers I always had school to look forward too and even last summer I had my adjustment to working at my current job in the winter which brought all new responsibilities. Now I have my work schedule set during the week and do other adult things like cleaning and laundry. I went out with a friend last Saturday and for both of us our Saturdays are spent cleaning. We found ourselves guilty for having fun and not cleaning. Is this what being an adult is like?? I see college kids and teenagers hanging out and I feel decades older even though that was me just a few short years ago. I am ready to take on the responsibilities of being an adult and have some fun while I am at it!

August always brings changes with it. The summer begins to wind down and the seasons start to change.  I find myself growing and improving as a better person in August too. I begin to reevaluate my life, who is in it and my priorities. This month I have made big changes in my career and I am taking a leap of faith hoping it will work out. Of course summer is flying by faster than I want it to. At Target they already have the Back to School department up and fall clothes are in the stores. I am going to enjoy my last few days at the beach and my summer tan just a bit longer while I can.

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I feel like it is impossible not to hear about politics at work. I am usually good at keeping my views to myself, but lately I feel like someone is always talking about Trump or Hilary.
At this point, I can’t watch the news coverage on it because it physically makes me sick.
The most important thing that happened recently is that Jon Stewart came back to TV. 
This is a really big freaken deal. Jon said what we were all thinking during the news coverage of the election. We can laugh at parts of this election, but we need to remember that this election is very important. Make sure you read credible news sources and learn the facts.


Just because you are not going back to school does not mean you have to miss out on all of the new school & office supplies! I recently took another job (more information about this at a later time when I get more settled in) and immediately went to target to buy a new planner for this job. I also picked up a few new office supplies I needed. Target now has really cute office supplies from Sugar Paper and I need allllll of them!

Be sure to check out my previous post, Cubicle Sweet Cubicle, for more office ideas.



This is a show that makes you think and see how corrupt and underfunded our criminal justice system is. I cried a lot during this season and now more than ever want to push legislation that stops the injustice that goes on.


I just started this show last night and I am almost done binge watching it. I am not sure what it is about, but I cannot stop watching!

Jane the Virgin



My full Netflix recommendation can be found here.
Every month I link shows to watch on Netflix so be sure to go back and look at my monthly favorites posts.

Products I Love

I love summer because my morning routine becomes very simple with just a little bit of mascara and blush I am out the door. Luckily with my job I do not need to have a full face of makeup, but I love to make an extra effort and wear a full face of makeup some days. I noticed that if I wore foundation my face would glow and get oily with the humidity and hot weather. I could feel my pores closing up and acne forming on my skin. There is only one foundation I wear now in the summer and winter months and that is the Maybelline FIT me. In the winter I just put on a thin layer of foundation and it lasts all day without looking like I am wearing too much makeup. In the summer because of the humidity, I put on my moisturizer and before my skin absorbs all of it I immediately put on a small amount of foundation and blend it in with my moisturizer creating a thin layer of coverage.

To prevent my skin from getting oily at the end of the day I just dust some FIT me powder on before I add blush or bronzer. I have a darker powder shade than the foundation because I like to build a natural highlight and angles on my face with it.

Some friends came over my house a few weeks ago and since we were kicked off the beach because of a thunder storm we ended up having a girls day in my room. My one friend was blown away by the amount of nail polishes I had in a jar on my vanity. I informed her they were only my summer colors! I made a promise I would not buy one more nail polish until I got rid of/used up my current colors. But then I saw another blogger wear this nail polish color and I needed it. It is the perfect summer color and since it is a gel it lasts forever. I wore it for more than a week and even painted my office and still very few chips. If you are looking for a bright summer nail polish, this is my pick!


I have always been a drugstore type of mascara girl. I could never justify spending more than $10 on a mascara. This past Black Friday my mom and I went out shopping like we do every year and I ended up buying a mascara and liquid eyeliner kit from Lancome for very cheap. After using  Lancome mascara, I found it hard to go back to my drugstore mascara. I started to do some research and wanted to know what other great mascaras were out there. I decided to splurge and buy the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and it does everything it says it does! It doesn’t even feel like I am wearing mascara because it is very thin on the lashes and looks natural. At work I don’t use my good makeup because I sit behind a desk and talk to strangers all day so it’s not worth it. But if I don’t wear mascara my blonde eyelashes make me look like I am sick with a disease so I need to wear something! At work I go back to using my drugstore mascara and I currently love L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly  mascara for a day look.


Summer has always been my favorite season and I am counting down the days until my family and I move down south (3 years in case you were wondering). One of the best features of my house besides our illegal swimming pool and giant backyard is the hydrangea bushes in front of our house. Every summer they take over our front yard giving us hundreds of hydrangeas. We fill every room with them and I even have some on my desk at work. I made a rule in the summer that every room needs fresh flowers. It definitely is cheaper to plant flowers in our yard every year than going to Trader Joe’s or Wegmans every week to purchase them. It is one of the little things I love and fresh flowers are greatly missed in the winter. I plan on having peonies in my future home in the south one day.


Our house is currently for sale and we are working on some renovations to make it ready for it to sell. I decided that my guest room on my floor needed some growing up to do. When I first came home from college, I put all of my dorm stuff in their and set it up just like how my townhouse was in college. Now that I am growing up I felt that the room needed some growing up to do as well. After 6 bags of stuff going to Goodwill and some paint this room is finally complete. I cannot wait to do another post with the room reveal! This weekend I am working on my office and saying goodbye to the brown color that was once in style in the early 2000s.



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