work out because you love your body, not because you hate it

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(Pre-gym snack!)

Something I have learned many times in life is that you cannot control everything.
In college and in the real world, we can start the day with a to do list but sometimes (everyday) things get added on and somethings get neglected.
In college, I was taking 5 classes, volunteering and working while trying to look presentable and find time withe friends. When my parents would call me around 11am to find out I was drinking at the bar on campus they were shocked, little did they know that was the only scheduled time I had that day to socialize with friends!!

In college, we always said that we had no free time.
But now I find myself now saying the exact same thing just working a 40 hour a week job. When I leave the office at 4:30, I leave my work at the office and go straight home. But for some reason I find myself having zero time in the day! I do more at home now than I did in college. Living with my parents means more cleaning, more laundry and more food shopping!!

In college and the real life there has been one thing I can control, the gym.
In my final year of college, I was more committed to the gym than ever before. I would bring homework and do it on the elliptical or bring note cards and went over them when I did some weights. Or, I would just run and keep running away from my pile of homework back at home.
The first thing I did after moving back home was to find a gym. The summer is full of fun things to do outdoors, but once fall came I knew I needed to find a place to work out. For me, working out is not to become skinny but to find “me”time. I love going to the gym and then realizing I have been there for three hours. Working out has always come natural to me. From years of dance I know my body very well and I have muscle memory that keeps coming back.
Now, along with running and free weights, I take classes and follow the work outs at Tone It Up. A friend introduced it to me and I have been sharing the program with strangers at the gym!IMG_0014 (1)

(Jillian Michaels Instagram)

work out to tone, not lose weight 

I have been very lucky to have been born with skinny genetics and I do not have to diet to keep this figure. However, while so many people say they are so jealous of me being naturally skinny there area lot of struggles that come with it! Clothes never fit and growing up I was called Skelotor. Now when I work out, I want my body to be toned and stronger. I do not diet but I try to eat healthy so that in 30 years I don’t hate myself! In the winter, my body got very toned and I loved the way I felt and looked. While some people go to the gym every day to lose weight, I try to go to get endorphin’s because working out gives you endorphin’s and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!

I want to get stronger

Since I was a baby I have always had health issues.
In the 4th grade, the doctors found very severe scoliosis that felt like it appeared over night! After a big growth spurt, my back turned into an S shape and after many years of specialists and back braces my spine is now a C shape. Everyday I wake up in extreme pain and can physically move my spin with my hands sometimes. It is so gross! If I am not in great physical shape, just by bending over to pick something out, my back can go out. I am an old lady inside a 23 year old body! Because of these disabilities, I have to work hard to keep my body strong and the pain in check.

Get your daily sweat in!

They say that if you do not leave the gym sweating, you did it wrong!
I love to go to a pilates class because for a full hour I am sweating and I leave in pain but I know I did the work out correctly! That post gym glow is real and it is amazing! I try to sweat everyday. Even if it is just doing laundry and going up and down the stairs putting people’s clothes away. My housework and cleaning turns into a work out because I find ways to do stairs or get my steps in. Most days when I clean the house I get around 4,000 steps in! The one perk of having a big house!

Force Yourself

People say they love to go to the gym but no one loves to go to the gym! There are always a million other things I could be doing instead (netflix, sleep, eating). I like to put in my day planner when the work out classes are and find a time in my day when I can go to the gym and write it down. That way it is on my to do list and I feel accountable! All year I was going to a pilates class on Monday but with some family  illness I was unable to go for two months. My body hated me because I was going back and this class was not going to be fun!
I walked in nervous to try this again with an out of shape body but Beth the instructor came up to me and was so excited to see me back! Find a class or a friend whose face lights up when you see them there. We all need some encouragement to go to the gym!

What are some of your favorite work outs or gym you go to? I am always looking for a gym buddy!

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