Call me crazy but I love to read for pleasure. In college I spent too many hours reading hundreds of pages of research, articles and books for classes. In the summer I would have a book with me constantly and living on the beach makes the best place to read.

But now that I am out of school and I have no deadlines to read a 300 page book by the end of the week, Netflix in bed is a lot more tempting than reading before bed. I have so many books started but no interest to finish them. But lately I picked up a book and could not put it down!

I am currently obsessed with The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It is an easy read with a mystery that doesn’t get solved until the last few pages. It is definitely a page turner!  And good news, the movie comes out in October so here is the deadline to finish it by if you are one of those people that NEEDS to read the book before seeing the movie like I am! traingirl.jpg

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