Spring Break Essentials

The only thing worse than having to go to class in nice weather, is having to work all day in nice weather! Since in the real world there is no spring break, I am day dreaming about being on an island somewhere and not at my desk. I am also sharing some spring break essentials in case you are lucky enough to be going somewhere. Hope everyone is enjoying this nice warm weather while it lasts!

spring break

spring break dreams



We all have a million of them but we always need 10 more when summer starts!
Target is a great place to pick up laundry detergent and a swimsuit because it is so hard to say no! My Target Swimsuit Pick
Victoria’s Secret just released their new swimsuit collection and I want all of them! It looks like they made more swimsuits practical for the beach and won’t fall off easily.
My VS Swim Pick

Flip Flops

Throw out your old ones and make room for some new flip flops!
Havaianas are a classic and are really comfortable!


The first step to prevent cataracts is by always wearing sunglasses! Can you tell my mom is an eye doctor?? I recently bought two pairs of Tory Burch sunglasses because I just could not decide. I love sunglasses because even if I am too lazy to put on makeup I just throw on sunglasses and it makes any outfit a power outfit! TORTOISE  or CLASSIC BLACK


The best thing to prevent sun damage to your face besides SPF is a hat. I bought a J Crew Panama Hat last spring and it is still my favorite and in style.


Okay none of us have seen the sun in months so we are all a bit too pale. Solution- fake it until you make it. I am paranoid about skin cancer so I use fake tanner even in the summer. Unfortunately, having a job 5 days a week limits my beach time so I rely on it to make me look like a beach kid. Even though I am Irish and pale. Jergens is the way to go!


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