“Sorry I can’t, I’m watching Netflix…”


In college I spent a lot of time outlining  research and then writing those lengthy papers. To keep myself sane and prevent me from getting distracted on Facebook or finding any excuse not to study I started binge watching shows on Netflix. Since I always had a paper or two to write I went through Netflix shows very quickly. It was usually a full season a week!

I understand this study style does not work for everyone but it did for me. I get distracted very easily so by creating a distraction for me I could eliminate other distractions I could not control.

My friends started to watch the shows after all I did was talk and binge watch them. Now friends ask me what to watch next or I just force them to watch a show and then they become hooked. So here are some of my suggestions!

Netflix To Do List

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If you want a good laugh. The second season is premiering soon so you have time to catch up!

Master of None

Also full of great funny one liners. It is a season full of just one theme and story plot per episode. It is a Netflix original and very well done.

Hart of Dixie

If you want a cute RomCom this is the show for you! It is about a New Yorker who moves to Alabama for a job and chaos begins! It was cancelled too soon but you have yourself rooting for these characters the whole time.

Gossip Girl

I do not care how old you are, but this is a show that everyone must see at least once. If you have seen it before it is a great show just to watch in the background while doing chores or getting ready in the morning. It is a classic. Now are you Team Serena or Team Blair? xoxo

Friday Night Lights

It’s a show about high school football but you don’t have to know about the game to fall in love with the show.  You will immediately fall in love with the characters and fall in love with Tim Riggins. It is one of those classic shows that everyone has to watch at least twice in your life. Also- the show is a thousand times better than the movie!

One Tree Hill

I am happy I never watched this show when I was in high school because I would have had these really unrealistic expectations about what high school should be! It is a show you watch for the characters and it is a perfect show to binge. You can’t just watch one episode!


If you want to be my friend you need to watch and love this show.

Gilmore Girls

Every girl is either Rory or Lorelei… And grew up watching this show after school wanting that relationship with your own mother. I also blame my addiction to coffee on this show….


Murder. Scandal. Drama. Romance. Do I need to say more???


I thought my family had its problems… it’s a Netflix series that is fantastic! Just another show about a family that has the black sheep, family secrets and it seems like nothing can go right.


No family is ever perfect. Everyones family is dealing with something and this show is no fairy tale. It is an honest look at what growing up looks like.

Arrested Development

Be prepared to laugh. A lot. This is a classic that was taken off the air too soon years ago. It was a show before its time. Netflix gave it another season and it is just as good!

Orange is The New Black

Want to know what happens behind bars? It is a show about a girl who goes to prison but exposes the lack of funding and fair treatment that goes on in prisons. Be prepared to want to call your Congressman to reform the prison system in America. Also, Lesbians…

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I will admit that I was nervous to watch this because whenever does a remake of something it can go horribly wrong. Neil Patrick Harris is a genius and an amazing actor in this series. It is a really good interpretation of the children’s books that had me laughing constantly.


When I first started watching this show I wanted to know why no one told me about it sooner! When it was on tv I was a bit too young to know about it, but now I need everyone to watch it. Glenn Close and Rose Byrne are fantastic in this mystery and drama filled show.


Clever and genius! They spend an entire year working on one episode so you know that it is good! It is a mini movie in one episode.

The Borgias

Interested in religion and the Pope? Scandal, sex, not family friendly show?? Yupp this is for you!

The West Wing

Want to be informed on politics and what is going on in America and elsewhere? This show about the President covers everything from ISIS to how bills are actually made. PS the early 2000s office clothes are classics!

Army Wives

I am not usually interested in a show about the army, I prefer to binge on comedies and romantic shows. However, I noticed that there were more than 2 seasons, so I knew I would have a show to watch for more than a week. One episode in and I was hooked! It has everything a show needs- friendship, drama, romance and a lot of comedy thrown in.

No Tomorrow

A show about the end of the world and a really cute love story. Just believe me when I say that you need to watch this show. You will finish it in a weekend, but will leave you wanting to know what will happen next.


If you like history or you are just looking for a girly show, I definitely recommend this one. I watched it in college and even my roommate who didn’t share my extreme passion for history was able to get into the show.

The Tudors

Another history themed show, but it is filled with drama, romance and maybe a little too much sex. If you have any interest in England’s history or why they have their own church, I suggest you watch this show about Henry Tudor and his numerous wives.


Another history themed show, can you tell I like a genre on netflix?? Just another story about a real King, Louis to be exact, who had too much power and money to play with.

The Last Kingdom

It’s a show I found by accident like I did with Versailles. It is a BBC show about the Saxon Kingdom so if you have any interest in Vikings, this is a good show for you.

The Fall

A show about a serial killer and a detective that is very addicting. I watched it all in a weekend and it left me wanting to know what would happen next. The way the show is directed and written is just genius.

The Crown

I always admired Queen Elizabeth, but after watching this series I have become even more fascinated about her life. The show goes in detail about Elizabeth’s life before becoming Queen and how fast she had to grow up.

Nurse Jackie

This being a Showtime show is a guarantee that you will like it. You love and hate nurse Jackie as she ruins her life and does everything for her kids. Gives a realistic show about drug addiction and makes us all wonder how we are living everyday without them.

Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, I don’t know how you have any friends because this is a show everyone will be talking about all the time when Season 2 comes out.

The OA

I can’t really explain about what the show is about…because it would give too much away. If you liked Stranger Things or science fiction, this show is a must see. I don’t even like science fiction and this immediately had me hooked. The show was created because the creator felt there wasn’t enough girl characters in science fiction so she wrote her own show. Every five minutes my mind was blown.

The Ranch

Ashton Kutcher is actually really funny and I think this is his best work yet. If you liked the show “That 70s Show”, the Ranch has similar humor just a little more R rated. There are also a lot of aww parts and of course a little romantic tension in the story.

Mad Men

If you haven’t watched Mad Men yet, you need to asap. It is a classic show that people will talk about at dinner parties for decades to come.

I am sure I am forgetting some so I will post another update soon. What shows are you obsess with?? Let me know so I can watch !


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