sappy “I miss school” post

   It was impossible to be on social media in December without seeing a Buzzfeed post or college student complaining about finals. While my friends who are still in school were complaining about the lack of sleep, amount of schoolwork and juggling it all it actually made me miss school. I had missed college before of course but I knew that being an adult and working had a lot to offer in different ways. I miss the social life and the friends I had but I also enjoy going to bed at 9pm every night and watching Netflix with my cat on a Saturday night. I have stopped wearing real clothes on the weekend and food shopping at Wegmans on Friday night is the highlight of my week.

But when I saw people in the library studying I really missed school. I will be the first to admit it that I am a very big nerd. I loved reading and writing papers. The library was my favorite spot on campus that gave me so much inner peace. With a cup of coffee from Starbucks in my hand I knew that I could conquer the world… or a fifteen page research paper due the next day. It is not until you have to say goodbye to something do you realize how much you miss it.

I know that I am not done with school forever. I am taking time off to save up some money, gain some independence (financially and residential) and figure out what my zip code will be for the next few years. I know the next step is my masters but I have goals of getting my PhD or going to law school. All of these options require a nice pretty check to pay for them so some time off is necessary for now to save some money.

Finals weeks was always my favorite because it was just an exam a day and I had all day to go at my own pace, goofing off with friends and everyone was delusional together with the lack of sleep.
 For now I sit at my work desk and stare longingly out the window and wish I could walk from Mandeville to Merion or even grab a coffee at Starbucks. I hated the long walks everywhere on campus but now I long to go on a walk and run into friends like I once.  I miss school and cannot wait to go back.


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