it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Coming back to work after a holiday weekend is typically a slow process but this week has been an exception. On Saturday I got a cold that would just not go away! Monday at work we had to start decorating for Christmas and quickly. If the tree was not up and decorated I knew we would get phone calls asking where the Christmas spirit was in town! I took a half day on Monday and came back to work on Tuesday swamped with work trying to catch up to take a full day off to get better. It is now Friday and as you can tell I never got time to take that day off!

On Tuesday I went to Costco and came back to the office with 24 Christmas wreaths to decorate the town buildings with. You know how everything is bigger at Costco? Well so are their wreaths! When I got my new car and the sales guy was bragging about the large trunk space I should have appreciated it more! It took more than an hour to buy them and lug them to my car in the pouring rain. The rain also did not help the cold I was trying to get over. On Wednesday I wore a nice outfit to work and did not realize I would have to put up the Christmas wreaths that day. At the end of the day my jacket and work pants were covered in pine needles and sap! It’s a good thing I decided to wear flats to the office instead of the cute heels I almost wore!

christmas wreath front door

The day after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas spirit is strong so this week has been a lot of event planning, decorating and social media-ing to get the town ready for Christmas time.

I am ready for a full night of sleep to catch up on sleep, get better and have some much needed fun this weekend.

This is going to be a crazy month working on events and projects. I am looking forward to every minute of it because I love my job and being able to be on social media all day. Have a great weekend everyone!


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