making my life beautiful with a few trips to homegoods

A dream my whole life has been to be a professional closet organizer and decorator. My Pinterest account has more pins in my house board than any other. During the summer each day it became more and more obvious that I was not going to have to buy new a new comforter or decoration for a room at school. Deciding to stay home at my parents house was the option that made most sense. And I like my parents so why would I want to move out after living away in Philadelphia for four years?

To make living at home a bit easier and getting some alone time outside of the house and away from my office I have made weekly trips to Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Goodwill to pick up cute little house things to spruce up my room. My room is actually huge. Like obnoxiously big. It is the third floor of our house, it was a Sweet Sixteen present from my parents so I could have my own apartment. I have my big master bedroom, a guest room, full bath and an awkward loft space that I made into an office.

It always starts with one purchase and an entire room gets redesigned. My guest room got a whole new life when I moved home from college and it became the room that everything from college went into. It made me so anxious whenever I looked into it because you literally could not walk in the door. For graduation I got presents that came in cute boxes and I wanted to find a way to show them off. One trip to Target and I came back with a blue lamp that matched my Philadelphia bedroom theme. I had so many decorations from that room that did not match my Paris themed bedroom so I decided to use my beach blue themed decor in the new guest room. The room color was already perfect for my vision. After spending a few nights moving furniture and pulling my back out everything was in its place.

Below are some pictures of the finished room. The room renovation was very inexpensive because I already had the furniture, it just needed some little decor to update the room.



This bookshelf has to be my favorite part of the room. I had all of these magazines that i have collected over the years and after hours of organizing them it makes the bookshelf so pretty! I finally have a spot for everything!  The boxes just add cute touches and I can show them off for others to see. A Tiffany box is so much more than just a box!


This piece of furniture has been in my family since before I was born. It was lugged around from house to house by my parents and became mine when I was born in my baby room. It was originally little girl pink and decided to paint it grey to match the theme.


PS After looking for curtains for forever I found these for $10 at The Christmas Tree Store. Never thought I would be so excited about curtains!


The comforter was from college that I got for $10 at Goodwill. The pillow was from Target in the clearance section for $7 along with the grey Jersey cotton sheets underneath also from Target. I am not allowed in Target anymore because I also got the lamp there as well when it was on clearance. If you don’t go to Target clearance section first, you are doing it wrong!

I think the space just looks so clean and finished and I love when guests come to stay because the room is so pretty and welcoming.


Currently now redesigning the bathroom because I went to Homegoods and fell in love with a grey floor carpet and I decided the whole room needed to be redone. Covered in grey paint at the moment from painting this morning. More pictures will be posted when it is all finished!


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