Wait, I have to go back??

Week II

My work week begins on Wednesday because I have to work on Saturdays my work week gets shifted. Even though Wednesdays are the new Monday it is so much nicer to be able to start my work week in the middle. There is just something more refreshing about starting during everyone’s midweek.

Things are starting to make sense now. I walk in the office and I no longer need to look at the little checklist post it I have on my desk to remind me of my daily morning to do. I am the first one usually in the office so it’s my job to open and set up for the day. The phone on my desk has 7 lines and there are times they are all ringing at the same time for me. I am constantly faking that I know what I am doing and what is going on around the office. I have made a few mistakes but making them are making me learn more than I did before. IMG_3409

As much as I hate waking up early in the morning I do enjoy getting dressed up in the morning. New day, new dress! I finally can take advantage of the J Crew dresses collecting dust in my closet. On Friday when I am exhausted after two full days I am very thankful to my early morning commute.


No morning is complete without a coffee!

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