i miss you

I hate missing someone. When I miss a person there are a lot of feelings in three little words. So much emotion is going on and being kept back. I miss a person physically, emotionally, even their presence. Us talking or the little communication by texts through the day. I can look at my phone for hours and know that no matter how much I wish, they are not going to pop up on my screen. When I’m online I wonder if they are too. If they casually see a new picture come up of me and do they wander over to my page. Do they miss me too? Will they reach out to me?

I miss you is just three little words that mean so much. Full of looking back into the past, looking at our choices and mistakes in the past. The what if’s consume our thoughts. Take control of every thing we do during the day. The phone in our pocket suddenly becomes heavier with the recent lack of communication its presence becomes more aware to us.

It makes me wonder, does the person we miss have these feelings too or is it just me going crazy over a person who does not feel the same way?


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