Guide to Atlanta + a little life update

Sharing my Atlanta travel guide full with plenty of photos of our adventures. I was missing my college roommate, so I booked a flight and spent a long weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. I got to experience the city as a local and enjoy the warm weather in February. Getting back on a plane to go back home was very difficult after a weekend of warm weather and adventure!

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Plan a Winter Getaway


I hate the cold. I long for the summer months when I can throw on shorts and flip flops before I go out of the house. Now I have to put on layers and bundle up. Right now I am in between jobs and my parents have some saved up vacation days so we decided to book a spontaneous flight to Florida to soak up the sun. Turns out you can do this too! Continue reading “Plan a Winter Getaway”

Oh, The Places You Go (In 2016)

One of my life goals after college graduation was to travel as much as possible. I tried to take a really sad fact that all of my friends were moving across the country and tried to make it a positive that I had a lot of visiting to do!

Unfortunately, when you are a working girl, it limits the time off I had to go places so I did not go to as many places as last year. This year definitely was filled with new places, new sights, and new adventures!

The traveling red suitcase went on a lot of adventures this past year, and even though it was damaged en route to Texas (Thanks, United!), it was fixed and has a few more years to go!

Here are some of the places I visited and some were new places I crossed off my bucket list! Excited to see where 2017 takes me.canstock14468516


Galentines Day in Philadelphia

New Hope, PAtumblr_oj1b8d3Caw1qdoczqo1_1280.jpg


Seven Springs, PAtumblr_oj1ba0essC1qdoczqo1_1280.jpg


Austin, Texas

Waco, Texas

San Antonio, Texas


Another SJU Graduation!13248947_782507345219968_1325327898_n(1).jpg


Philadelphia Day Trips13388566_627756050706329_1811174653_n(1).jpg


The Monmouth Park Racetrack13739540_223122314752015_1166120317_n(1).jpg


Beach Days (and ice cream) at the Jersey Shore!14128838_329169314092298_31025510_n(1).jpg14134565_1774948432789800_1149461763_n(1).jpg


Parents got a beach house in Avalon, NJ to celebrate their wedding anniversary ❤ 14272096_253552141711692_867560712_n(1).jpg




Home renovation were finally completed! No time for trips or vacations because every free minute was dedicated to working on the house.



New York City15539076_1204153322985752_4710935059006226432_n(1).jpg

Here is last years round up of the places I have visited! I already have two big trips to two different states planned for February. Hint: warm weather and sunshine are involved !

Booskerdoo Coffee

I love coffee. Coffee is the reason for me to get out of bed in the morning even if I slept for more than 8 hours, I still wake up and go through coffee withdrawals. I am not a morning person and this whole being an adult and waking up early for work is only made possible because the sun coming up means I can press the start button on my keurig and get coffee. In college I feel like I always had a cup of Starbucks in my hand, with me in the library, sitting on my desk while I listened and wrote notes for a lecture. Coffee was my oxygen as Lorelai Gilmore says, without it, I do not function! My college degree was possible because of coffee! My junior year of college a doctor discovered that my internal organs were shutting down because of my caffeine intake. She asked me to stop my caffeine intake because it was making my organs work harder than they should and I just laughed, it was finals the next week, coffee was necessary. My dream date is having coffee delivered to me while in bed, no coffee no talkey! My friends can agree, when I start a morning without coffee, I am one groggy person until I get my hands on a cup of joe!

I came back from my Nashville trip with a runny nose and an attractive cough. My bedside table looks like a pharmacy with NyQuil and DayQuil, tissues, fluids and a cup of tea that has gotten cold. My Saturday was supposed to be a full day of Netflix (currently obsessed with The Ranch) and staying in bed under the covers. But when my dad asked if I wanted to go get a free cup of coffee at a new coffee shop in Asbury Park, I immediately sat up in bed! Coffee??? Free??? Free coffee??? Okay, pants were on in a matter of seconds and my nose was cooperating for a free minutes for us to drive over to Asbury.

I was driving and was surprised to find it on the West side of the train tracks in Asbury. It was the side of town that still has a bad image, the crime still exists and people still look over their shoulder when they walk down the street. So I was suprised to find the new coffee shop, Booskerdoo, at the corner of Memorial Drive and Sunset Ave. This shopping center has been completely renovated, had new sidewalks, mulch and plants ready to bloom. Was I in Asbury Park? Was I in West Asbury Park?? I was so happy to walk inside of a business on this side of town.

Booskerdoo is SO cute! Wait…. cute is not the right word…. Booskerdoo brings that city coffee shop atmosphere to Asbury Park, but with that Asbury feel that everyone who works there loves what they do because it is a small business that loves good coffee. The coffee was delicious… it was clearly made with love! I appreciate their commitment to good coffee. Booskerdoo coffee is roasted locally,  is organic and is always fresh.


Definitely stop by Booskerdoo and pick up a coffee (or cookie too!).


Howdy y’all from Draper James!

One of the big items on my to do list while in Nashville was to visit Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James. I follow the store on all social media platforms and I am always double tapping the posts! I love the Southern lifestyle and fashion style that Reese and the store has. The store is super cute and I want allll of it! I took lots of photos for you guys, so keep scrolling. 🙂


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But we keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving

When you think Nashville, you should automatically think country music. We tried to do as much touristy music things you could do while we were there. On Saturday night we got tickets to see a show at the Grand Ole Opry and to our surprise Brad Paisley was performing that night as well! We picked a good weekend, because it was the 91st birthday of the Grand Ole Opry so they definitely put on a good show. If you have ever heard of Prairie Home Companion on NPR, the program is very similar that they put on. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, stalked  tried to find Taylor Swift, and hit a few live music bars. Keep on scrolling to see what we did!

Grand Ole Opry



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