Friday Favorites 7.23

I love to sit down and write up my Friday Favorite posts because it reminds me of what I loved about the week. My weekends lately have been getting busier and busier and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon. On Friday, I went to browse shoes at Nordstrom Rack and came home with my hands full! Last weekend was supposed to be a slow weekend and then one errand turned into a long day of errands on Saturday. We went to Costco to get three things and walked out with a VERY full cart. This weekend I have my bag packed and I’m heading to visit my parents in North Carolina for a quick trip. In todays post I am sharing a new makeup product that I am loving, a good deal on shoes, and an easy yummy dinner idea. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Lately, I have been sharing what I’ve been watching on my Instagram stories and my Blonde Rosie Facebook page. This week I binge watched Bethenny Frankel’s HBO Maxshow The Big Shot which is like a way better version the The Apprentice in my opinion. For some reason it took me so long to watch Jenna Lyons, head of J Crew for 27 years, Stylish show also on HBO Max.

With a busier schedule I’m wearing makeup more often. I have been loving the of the Lancome Teint Idôle Ultra Wear Foundation Stick. It lasts all day and works best with oily skin which is what I’m struggling with now with of the heat, bonus points because is easy to apply.

With the deals so good at Nordstrom Rack I got the Steve Madden slides that everyone seems to have and a pair of gold Steve Madden slides that will be a nice neutral for any outfit. But I am most excited about finding these block heels that are SO comfortable!

So happy I ordered a few bright dresses from Target for our cruise next month. My suitcase is packed and I’m so ready to spend a week on a beach with a drink in my hand. Target has so many great pieces for $25 right now that it’s hard not to buy everything!

Ordered a new phone case and I am o b s e s s e d! Fell in love with it when I watched Emily in Paris and finally got around to ordering it.

Since I’m out of town this weekend I didn’t go to the grocery store this week so I’ve been making a lot of Trader Joes meals since they are so easy. Can’t go wrong with the orange chicken and the soup dumplings are so easy to make for a quick dinner. I did make pasta with a homemade sauce that did turn out really good! So good there were no leftovers!

Easy Sauce

  • tomato paste
  • diced tomates
  • chopped onion
  • garlic
  • fresh basil and oregano
  • spinach
  • splash of heavy cream
  • Parmesan cheese
  • I think it’s because I missed my dad last week but I subscribed to a newspaper and I love waking up every morning and picking it up from the doorstep.
  • I love working on a crossword puzzle from the newspaper in pen. Never finish them but it’s so much fun to do every day.
  • Trying to be healthy by having hot water with lemon every morning before I have my coffee. It helps me start drinking water in the day and then I continue to fill up my mug throughout the day.
  • Clean sheets this week felt even better with a new Berkshire blanket I picked up at Costco last weekend. I found this brand at Homegoods years ago and now I need to buy one in every single pattern because they are the softest blankets and hold up so well wash after wash.

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