Friday Favorites 7.16

This week I’ve been doing some journaling in my daily planner to be intentional about writing down three things that brought me joy that day. It takes just a minute and helps me reflect on the day on a positive note. My weekends are getting busier making my weeks busier as I make time to get work done, run errands and then the usual to-do list for the day. After a year and a half of taking it slow, I am getting an adrenaline rush as my weeks and weekends get busier because it’s when I thrive best. Last weekend we spent all day Saturday in Old City in museums and had lunch on the rooftop at Liberty View at the Independence Visitor Center. I shared more about our day in a blog post here where I share a ton of free things to do in the historic district. On Sunday, Jake had signed us up to work a charity event at the Philadelphia Zoo. It was fun to volunteer and then spend the afternoon at the zoo. It was like 103 degrees so we were excited to get home and spend the rest of our night in our living room with the AC on blast!

If you have a Disney+ account, great! If you don’t have an account, you should sign up now because there is so much included on the streaming platform not just cartoons. This week, we watched the new Disney+ movie Luca and to be honest, I sat down to watch expecting it to be kind of childish and not the best. Just a few minutes in and loved it! Cute story line and loved the whole thing from start to finish. We also started watching Monsters at Work, the Monsters Inc spinoff show. While catching up on the Real Housewives franchises, I wanted something to watch in the background while I got some work done. Started to watch the reality tv show Family Karma on Bravo and wow, where has this show been?? Not sure why it took me so long to watch but it’s everything that makes reality tv good. I made Jake watch the first episode of the Gossip Girl reboot with me because he doesn’t understand the concept since he never watched the original. He kept asking if this was supposed to be about high school kids because it’s not like the kind of school he went to! This fall I am going to do a rewatch of the original Gossip Girl with Jake because it’s been too long since I’ve watched it and Jake is missing out ha! Since my days are getting busier, I am setting a goal for myself to wake up earlier so I have more time in the day. I also want to continue eating healthy and drinking more water. Little life style changes that make a big impact on my day can make a big difference. Almost done with re-watching Dexter and need a new show for Jake and I to watch. Overwhelmed with so many options!

Wearing Essie Virgin Snow nail polish this week because I want a subtle pop of color.
The Essie Gel Top Coat is my favorite top coat because it protects my nails all week from chips.

Using St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Lotion this week to get a little tan without laying out in the sun. With one application, I wake up the next morning with the perfect shade of tan.

Ordered this jewelry cleaner after I went to wear bracelets last weekend and couldn’t because they were so dirty!

This is my third time ordering these storage bags for our linens.

A friend recommended Flo Vitamins for helping with wacky hormones and I am excited to see if they work. Even if they just do half of the things they claim to do, I will be a very happy person!

Happy Nordstrom Sale! Shared the booties that I thought are worth purchasing on Facebook. Wanted to be intentional with my purchases this year because I already have so much stuff so I just ordered pink Ugg slippers and another set of comfy pajamas in navy blue.

Took a bit longer than I’d like, but finally finished reading The Virgin Queen by Philippa Gregory.
This week I started to read The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby about the famous pink suit that Jackie wore when JFK was shot. The book is about how the suit came to be, the dressmaker and how it became famous.

Did a biiiiiiggg grocery run this week at a grocery store in the suburbs and then Trader Joe’s. The car was packed with groceries and I was exhausted when I got home. I didn’t take any photos this week but I made a quick dinner with yellow rice, shrimp and sweet potatoes. For nights when I don’t want to spend too much time cooking, I love cutting up a lemon, sprinkling Mrs Dash and rosemary on everything and throw it in the oven.

Trying to be on a strict diet since our cruise is only a few weeks away. EEK! Stocked up on salad kits for lunches. To get my protein, I got popcorn chicken to heat up in the microwave and chop it up into my salads. The salads are filling and a healthy lunch so I don’t snack until dinnertime .

Lot’s of things I’m loving this week!
These new Friends magnets for my fridge.

The “Edith” Podcast by Crooked Media. It’s even better what I imagined it would be.

I have been working out every single day. Sounds boring but I have been loving @Kirastokesfit on Instagram for fun workout inspiration. It’s challenging but it gets the work done and makes me see results with a daily 20 minute workout.

These mini ice cream cones are the perfect sweet treat that allows me to indulge but only like 100 calories.

Oui oui! I’ve been loving the Duolingo app lately as I brush up on my French skills. At night in bed I spend a few minutes going over lessons and it’s an easy way to learn a language. Not ready to go to Paris yet but it’s fun to be able to pass the challenges and think to myself, it’s not that hard!

Got some fresh flowers at Trader Joe’s on Monday for the living room.

I love to listen to french music at night while I get ready for bed. I just tell Alexa to play french music and it’s so relaxing while I wind down for the night.

Getting better at making time to read before bed. Even if it’s just 10 pages, it helps me fall asleep faster and get better sleep.

Needed a new nail file and grabbed this Olive and June set at Target and loving it! Very affordable and hope they add more to their collection.

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