Friday Favorites 7.9

Still finding ways to get a break from this heat wave that is here to stay in Philadelphia. Luckily we got a nice break last weekend and got to enjoy the holiday weekend. While on our way to Old City last Saturday we had to cut our walk short when an unexpected thunderstorm made us seek shelter so we went to brunch at Lou Bird’s. On Sunday, we made our way to Old City again to do some touristy things for the 4th of July. Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Elfreth’s Alley – all of the classic touristy things which I haven’t done in forever! Couldn’t let the holiday weekend end without a trip to the beach. Spent Monday at Long Beach Island and it was the perfect beach day. I think after last summer when we were inside all day everyday, we have been doing a lot of planning ahead when it comes to weekend plans.

I had a lot of expectations when it came to the Gossip Girl reboot and sat down to watch it waiting to be disappointed. After one episode I was happy to see what direction they are going in and paying tribute to the OG characters.

Loved watching this weeks Real Housewives of New York because it was filmed in Philly.

Retinol is a very important step in your skincare system and the trick is learning how much to use. Especially with my extra time in the sun lately, I need a Retinol that can work for me. Every other night I have been using my Olay Retinol cream that has been a favorite for a long time. I talked more about it in a blog post here. I love that it is effective, easy to use morning and night, and most importantly it’s very affordable.

Made some delicious purchases this week 🙂
Went to the grocery store while hungry and that is never a good idea! Picked up lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I’ve been trying to eat healthy so I stocked up on salad kits for lunches which have been an easy and healthy lunch every day this week. When I need a light snack I’ve been having sliced peaches and blueberries and it’s the perfect summer snack.

Lunch at Campo’s

These mini ice cream cones when I’m craving a sweet treat

Brunch and mimosas at Lou Bird’s was delicious

Exploring Old City

Our beach day to LBI makes me want to plan another one.

Ice cream with sprinkles at Skipper Dipper


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