Cleansing with Eve Lom

Do you ever wash your face and still feel like it’s still not clean? I feel this often especially in the summer months because not only am I washing off my makeup, but also a whole day of sweat and grime because of the hot weather. I started washing my face with Eve Lom a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying the way my face feels right after and the next morning when I wake up.

The double cleanser is the best way to get rid of grime because it is a double cleanser and the formula gently exfoliates to get deep into the skin. After using the Eve Lom cleanser, my face feels soft and clean while staying hydrated. I just rinse my face with warm water, add a bit of cleanser and rub my face as I watch my face get clean. The cleanser comes with a cloth that really helps clean my face. My face breakouts more often in the summer and I love that the Eve Lom cleanser targets the pores to get them deep cleaned and prevents product buildup so I can wake up with clearer skin. Now it’s so easy and satisfying to wash my face at the end of the day. Great for those with sensitive skin and is formulated with clean ingredients like eucalyptus oil, clove oil, chamomile oil and cocoa butter.

In a PR package, I also received the Eve Lom moisture cream. Since I am in my late twenties, I have been very strict about using a moisturizer at night and in the morning. The main ingredient in the moisture cream are hyaluronic acid which does wonders for your skin to look healthy, hydrated and glowing. I love putting it on in the morning because it doesn’t make my face greasy and I can easily layer makeup on it.

Also, how chic is the packaging?? I love to use new products and I love finding new products that work. This is my first double cleanser and now I understand what all of the hype was!


double cleanser // moisture cream

*Thank you for BzzAgent for gifting these products


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