Friday Favorites 10.2

Sitting on the couch right now watching Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix. I’ve been a big fan of Clean and Joanna for a few years now and the show is the right combination of motivation to get organizing and humor. This was our last week of staying quarantined so I’m excited to start going on daily walks and running errands again. Happy October! Feels like fall is here and September feels like it flew by taking away those last few warm days. Another month is passing and we are still living in a pandemic. I have always loved the traditions of fall but this year it’s going to be a little different… I’m waking up early and getting dressed every day to keep up my spirits. Our home is decorated for fall and we have plans to get some pumpkins and mums. Will you be decorating for fall or getting pumpkins this year?

Schitt’s Creek – finally making time to watch this show and I regret I didn’t watch it sooner!

Hart of Dixie – Jake and I like a good show to watch together so I rewatched while Jake saw it for the first time. It’s so good no matter how many times I watch!

The Spanish Princess – It’s part of a series on Starz about King Henry VIII that is educational and entertaining.

Veronica Mars – I spent last night crying a bit after binge watching the show because I wanted more episodes!


I’ve been using my Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning sprays to clean up the house every day and I love how they smell!

When we were at Costco I picked up Dawn Powerwash because I wanted to see how well it worked for cleaning. After cooking dinner one night I had to clean the stovetop and using the Dawn Powerwash is a game changer! On Tuesdays I like to tidy up so I sprayed some on the windowsills to clean up the dirt that accumulates and it was a game changer!

Ordered these shoes in brown because I love the ones I have in black from last year.

After missing the chance to get the striped Madewell cardigan that everyone had last year, I acted fast and got a great cardigan that looks just like it for a very affordable price!

I’ve been really into baking recently so I made chocolate chip muffin mix into a loaf so we could have an easy breakfast or treat at night. It’s delicious and so easy to make! A few days later we had some bananas going bad so Jake made banana bread with M&M’s and walnuts.

Fridays are our date night so we recently watched a movie and ordered M2O burger. Now that our two week quarantine is over, we went out to do a small grocery run on Thursday night and it was so nice to get a walk in.


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