Laundry Room Makeover

One of the things I was excited about this summer was my parents laundry room. The laundry room was connected to the first floor bathroom but it wasn’t in the basement and there were new machines that didn’t destroy everything that went in like my machines at home. It made me love doing laundry because of the convenience and after my mom and I made a few updates, it became my favorite room!

The room didn’t need a big makeover and my mom has big plans to for the space down the line. We just wanted to make some small changes to spruce up the space until a bigger renovation. Since laundry is not always a fun task, I wanted to make the laundry room inviting and also practical.

My mom and I headed over to Hobby Lobby and picked out some decor and cute storage items. My mom has a vision to renovate the bathroom and laundry room in black and white tile and matching wallpaper so we wanted to get some storage to match that vision. To help prevent clutter, we got storage baskets for laundry items at Hobby Lobby. We wanted to keep it simple and most important functional! The shelves were already there so we were able to easily swap things out and add some decor that fit the room. We also picked out the cute sign and lamp from Hobby Lobby and we went around the house to find some other decor that matched. It took just some shopping and a little bit of time to transform this little laundry room into an inviting space.

I hope this post inspires you to spruce up a room in your home that is used a lot and may need some changes. It was a lot of fun to spruce up this space and make it a more inviting space.


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