Preventing Hair Damage with L’Oreal

My hair has gone through a lot the last 5 years or so. I had long blonde hair during my college years and a few months after graduation, I did a drastic chop cutting off more than a foot of hair. I had fun with short hair and whenever it would grow past my shoulders I would get it cut again to a short bob. After a few years, I missed my long hair so I have been growing it out and I’ve learned a few things about keeping it healthy. I like going back and forth using my higher end hair products to the more price friendly ones. Just because it has a well known name and costs more than $20, it doesn’t mean that product is what works best for your hair. Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite products that I use before applying to any heat to my hair. They are a great price point and help keep your hair healthy!

I have frizzy hair so I like to style my hair with heat products every day so I can look more professional and more put together. Using heat products along with my fake blonde color, I really need to take care of my hair because it can be damaged very easily. Using a hair straightener often can lead to weak, brittle hair and split ends which can prevent long flowy hair.

Using my core hair products consistently help repairs hair damage and protect my hair from heat. I like to let my hair air dry for a bit before I use any heat tools. Right after the shower after I towel dry my hair, I will take a hair scrunchie and put my hair in a half up ponytail. I’ll use three pumps of the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and apply it to the lower section of my hair. I have really thick hair so I want to make sure that all of my hair gets the attention it needs. Then I’ll take my hair out of the scrunchie and start at the ends and work my way up to the roots applying the serum. With my leftover product, I emphasize any spots I notice brittle hair that needs some extra product.

If I am blow drying my hair, I will use the L’Oreal Blow Dry It quick dry primer spray. It cuts my drying time in half and protects my hair from any heat damage. I also noticed right away that my hair gets the blow out shine, bounce and look when I use it no matter what shampoo that I use. I like to generously spray my hair and then I will spray my round brush for my layers when I curl my layers.

Using a hair straightener can be so bad for your hair when you do it frequently so always use a heat protection spray! The spray on the L’Oreal Sleek It iron straight heatspray is amazing because it just takes a few sprays to get the right amount of product all over your hair to protect it.

The best thing about these products is they give you great hair that can last days inbetween washes! The most important thing to prevent hair damage is to try to go as any days as you can inbetween washes. I actually have a hair washing schedule and try to go through the whole weekend without washing my hair to keep free from any heat products. With the right products, you can keep your hair healthy and protect it from heat damage with often leads to hair breakage – the opposite of what you want while you are growing your hair out!


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