Improve Your Mood & Have A Good Day

It’s easy to wake up groggy and in a funk these days. It’s even easier to go to bed in a discouraged mood feeling like you didn’t do enough. After a few days of this bad mood, I decided to start my day telling myself it was going to be a good day. Sometimes just telling yourself that you are in a good mood, helps you put yourself in a good mood. A lot of it is mental but also how you start your day and how you end it. I like to start my day with a to do list and a few times a week I’ll do a brain dump of things that are on my mind and keeping me overwhelmed. Once I see it on paper, I can make a plan to tackle these obstacles and find ways to address what is making me anxious.

Here are a few things that are on my daily to do list that help improve my mood. Your mental health is always important and deeply impacts on the type of day you will have.

Make your bed every morning! It takes two seconds and it’s an easy routine to do every morning. When I make my bed, I feel motivated to get the day started and a little energized knowing I already accomplished something on my to do list! It also feels great to get into bed at night into a made bed.

Staying at home all day makes me feel like there is no point in washing my face in the morning. To help me get ready for the day, I recently started showering in the morning. It’s refreshing it and it really helps me wake up. Now is also the time to use all of those products you have in your shower since you have time for daily self care.

You don’t need to do a full face of makeup everyday unless that is what brings you joy. For me, it’s starting the day nice and clean and putting on real clothes. When I get out of my pajamas, it helps me turn on “work mode” and makes me productive. I’ve been transitioning from my night time pajamas to my daytime pajamas, leggings and a loose fitting top, and then put on a fresh pair of pajamas at night so I can tell my body it’s time for bed.

For a while, I would wake up and turn on the TV while I ate breakfast. Then before I knew it, hours had passed and I got nothing done. Now I like to start my day listening to a podcast while I make my coffee and will listen to music while I work. The TV stays off during the day. I’ll watch TV at night while I eat dinner and it’s become more of a treat then being the sole focus of my day. Fridays are when I binge watch my shows as a nice treat.

If you feel bleh and like the days blur into one, I encourage you to start a project. It can be an art project or a house project you have been putting off. Every day, I spend time in our guest room which was a room filled with boxes and junk from our move. Slowly I’m unpacking and decorating the space to be functional as a guest room and office. At the end of this, I should be able to have a completed project to show off!

Finally, create a bedtime and stick to it. I’ve been going to bed earlier than I normally would instead of watching another episode or scrolling on my phone. Now is the time to get enough sleep at night so you can wake up in a good mood with energy. An hour before I’d like to be asleep, I’ll take a Melatonin and read or I’ll watch an episode of a show I’ve seen a thousand times.


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