Why We Choose Chewy For Our Pet Needs

Shopping for pet supplies doesn’t make my weekly shopping list that often but when they do, it is usually needed urgently. Since Ed and I moved to Philadelphia, I have been relying on having our pet supplies shipped to my front door because there is just no way that I would be able to haul litter and food from the store to my home. I used a few different sites but when we moved to our house a year ago, I wanted to try Chewy and see if it was all that different from ordering from Target or Amazon. So far, we have loved it with zero complaints! The prices were so low that I ordered all new pet supplies for Ed along with his food for our first order. Since then we have been choosing Chewy for our food and toy needs for Ed.

There is a $50 purchase minimum for free shipping and let me just say that it is hard to meet that requirement because of the discounts on products we use daily. Chewy makes it easy to shop because of their very user friendly website and list of suggested items you may want to purchase. It has all of the name brands that I know and trust along with other pet needs and accessories. Instead of searching, browsing and researching reviews, I can easily search for what I need on Chewy’s website and click to add it to my cart without worrying if it will work for us or not. Also, I need to add that their customer service is amazing. I had to chat with someone over chat and I got a real person who answered quickly. They also sent Ed a Christmas card!

Since there is a spending requirement for free shipping, I like to order the biggest size of everything we need and I’ll throw in a few cat toys for Ed because they are soooo inexpensive. I like to do it this way because normally I would have to pay for an overpriced smallish bag of food because it was the only thing I could transport back home and I would be back in a few weeks to stock up again. Chewy makes it super easy and convenient because we can go months without having to reorder or running out of anything. Plus, I don’t have to pay extra for the weight of anything or it affect delivery time. I am also very impressed with their two day shipping and everything arrives at our front door right on time.

You can subscribe to auto-ship and you can tell Chewy how often you need items to shipped to your home. There is also a questionnaire for your pet so their analytics can suggest the right items for your pet. I don’t auto-ship my pet supplies because we can go months without having to reorder supplies because I order multiples and large sizes of everything to meet the shipping requirements. Another helpful thing is I can easily reorder from our previous shopping cart so I don’t have to search and add items again – takes maybe five minutes and everything is delivered in 2 days. It seems silly to love a website that ships pet supplies but I have been realizing how much time we spend going to the store, shopping, overpaying and then bringing items back home we use daily when we could easily have them shipped! I’ve tried ordering from other sites and sometimes there are shipping delays or an item is out of stock or I have to read through a dozen reviews to make sure the product is actually legit and then I have to question why it’s upcharged so much to get it shipped quickly.

If you are your furry friend are living busy lives and want to simplify a few things, get your pet needs at Chewy.


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