Finding Joy

Our days look a little different than they did just a few weeks ago. I find that I have more free time and not much motivation to do anything. I’m usually a homebody and will try to go for a daily walk to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. Now with the quarantine, knowing I can’t leave my house makes me a bit anxious. My step goal rarely gets accomplished so I’ve been doing at home workouts to stay active. Right now I am adapting to my new “normal” and new routines. It took some time to adjust and some days are better than others. One thing that has helped me tremendously is starting to journal and writing down a thing or two that brought me joy. It could be finally organizing the linen closet or sunny skies after weeks of rain. Just find one thing in a day that brought you joy and cling to it. There is a lot of talk of fear and uncertainty in the future. Instead of dwelling on the unknown and freaking out, I find joy in my day even if I have to go out of my way to create it.

Here are a few things that have brought me joy during a time of uncertainty.

  • Slow mornings with coffee
  • Writing to do lists in the morning
  • Writing in my journal each day
  • Washing my hands with scented soap
  • Doing all of the laundry and putting it away right away
  • Deep cleaning my kitchen
  • Swapping out the living room couch pillows for Spring
  • Calling my mom who is a doctor to get advice on how to stay healthy
  • Having a house instead of a small apartment
  • Daily showers and using all of my products
  • Reading a bit each day
  • 15 minute work outs in between Netflix episodes
  • Sunny days
  • Putting on real clothes

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