hello fall + a sneak peak of the new house

One of the most exciting things about moving into the new house is that we had a home to decorate for fall! A few weeks ago, we cleaned up a little bit to make room for some fall decor. I still want to go to Target and Homegoods to pick up a few more things but I love having my little pumpkins here and there around the house! This moving process is taking longer than I thought it would because we spent two weekends moving all of my stuff into the new house and then before we could unpack, we had to do a few (many!) trips from Jake’s apartment to the house. Gosh – we are exhausted and we are still in the moving process! On one of our trips to Lowe’s to buy a few things for the house, we also picked up mums and it brought me so much joy! We still need some pumpkins which I hope to buy this upcoming weekend but it’s so nice to home to decorate for fall! I’m just so obsessed even though our living room is once again filled with boxes and we still have so much unpacking to do. But I’m trying to find the joy in finding a home for each thing. Our weekends are spent on the couch, enjoying our home and watching lots of movies while a fall scented candle fills the house.


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