My Spring Favorites at Loft

pink blazer // floral button down cami // flippy skirt // pink ruffle dress // tie waist pants // cardigan // pink flower earrings // textured pocket skirt

I’m excited to share this weeks collection of my favorite finds because these are so good for spring! Since I already own most of these items already I can promise that you are going to love them too. They are perfect for wearing to the office and going out with friends for dinner after. Loft runs sales often so when they do I try to stock up on a few classic pieces that I know that I will wear again and again. I wanted to share a few of my favorite new arrivals and some new pieces that went to clearance recently while a sale was still going on.

Here are a few pieces that I think are worth purchasing from Loft this season. The tie waist pants are my most worn pants, the cami that goes with everything and classic skirts. These are pieces that you can wear throughout the spring and summer year after year. I wanted to take some time to write about my favorites pieces from this collection since I own quite a few of them.

First, let’s talk about the pink blazer. When I saw it online, I immediately ordered it because it reminded me so much of Elle Woods ha! It’s perfect to wear to the office on a jeans day or to wear it with white shorts whenever I need an extra layer to stay warm. The possibilities are endless!

The floral cami is on my wishlist and I’ll most likely be buying it this week with my Loft rewards. Last summer, I stocked up on a few of these camis because they go with everything. Each year they come out with new patterns and colors making it impossible not to buy another!

I have a problem with buying skirts because I wear them so often at work. This season did not disappoint at Loft because there are so many cute options! I actually purchased the winter version of the grey flippy skirt last month when it went to clearance that looks very similar to the summer version. Proof that you can wear this skirt all year long! The pink textured pocket square skirt also looks very similar to the textured pocket skirt that I purchased last summer so someone talk me out of buying this years version! It was one of my most worn skirt and I was constantly getting compliments on it. I love a skirt that is dressy enough that I can just wear a simple top and I’m good to go!

I have been trying to find new work pants but just wasn’t loving any of the fits until I tried the tie waist pants. Now I wear these at least once a week and have quickly become my favorite. They are just so darn cute!

Since it is always freezing in my office I’ve been wanting to stock up on some cute cardigans to keep me warm in air conditioning. Loft always has the best selection of cardigans that are perfect to wear during the summer months.


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