Exciting Life Update: I Got Promoted!

Hi Friends! I’ve been keeping it quiet for a while waiting for everything to be finalized but I am so excited to announce that I recently got promoted at work. I have been blown away by the support of my coworkers, family and friends during the last few weeks. At first, I was hesitant to even apply for the job when it was posted and was super anxious during the interview process. I’ve been walking around all day with a pep in my step because I am just so excited about this new opportunity.

Last April, I took a job in Philly unsure what I wanted to do with my life. With not much time to job search because I had just moved to philly without a job, I accepted a job offer with an outsource company at a big law firm as a receptionist. I have been so grateful for the opportunity to have a foot in the door and be able to learn so much in just one year. A few weeks ago, a job posting went up within the firm I was working to work for a practice group and on a whim I applied doubting myself the entire time. After a few interviews, some waiting and telling myself that I didn’t get it, I got the phone call that I was selected for the position. I think I screamed out loud after I hung up the phone because I was so excited that someone saw me and thought I could do the job.

I just got home after my first day and it went so well! After spending the day in training and orientation, I am excited to actually get to work and start answering the dozens of work emails in my inbox ha! Right now, I am in my pajamas getting some blog stuff done and the sun is still shining because I actually have a normal work schedule so I’m home before it gets dark outside. GUYS I am so so SO excited!


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