Why a Staycation is the Perfect Vacation You Need

With our busy work schedules, adult responsibilities, social calendar and everything else on our lap sometimes we forget to put ourselves first. My weekends are filled with items on my to do list and very little time to just relax and unwind after a work week. We may not have the budget to go out of town or head to the spa, but a staycation is the perfect option to recharge when we need it most. Earlier this week, I felt exhausted even though it was only a Monday. Then I realized that the last time I took a day off work was the day after Christmas and I was in desperate need for a day off. I didn’t have anything I wanted to do or go to. I just wanted a day off to sleep without an alarm and lounge around all day while watching Netflix. It’s been a while since I had a lazy day off and it was so nice to recharge my batteries. Below are some ideas you can do on your staycation to help you get the refresh you need.

Take A Long Shower or Bath

Sounds silly, but I love to take a long shower in the morning with no rush to get out the door for work. It’s the perfect time to actually use that 5 minute conditioner or that body exfoliator. Most nights I am rushing to shower as fast as I can so I can quickly make dinner and get into bed at a reasonable time. Having a day with no plans so I can take a long shower is a luxury I don’t often get.

Binge Watch

There are usually not enough hours in the day to catch up on all of your favorite tv shows or watch that documentary that everyone is talking about. Most nights I fall asleep mid episode of something and need to rewatch. Take a day to get comfy on our bed or couch and catch up on your favorite shows. Snacks are mandatory obviously!

Dedicate Time to your Hobby

If there is a book that you have been wanting to read or a craft idea you found on Pinterest, today is the best day to do it. I love a free afternoon that I can get ahead on some blog posts or plan outfits to shoot for the blog. If you don’t have a hobby, I highly encourage you find something that you love or something to challenge you like learning how to run.

Tidy Up

Maybe this is the last thing you want to do on a relaxing day off but tackle that pile of clean clothes sitting on the chair that you have been avoiding all week. It doesn’t have to be a big spring clean because I am sure there is something you haven’t had the time to straighten up or organize something because of a crazy schedule.

Work on that House Project

I recently took twenty minutes to update my coffee table and hang a picture on the wall after procrastinating for months. I’m sure we all have a few projects we would like to get done around our homes but just never have the time. If you are feeling productive on your staycation, it would be the perfect time to check an item off of your to do list.


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