Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

Something that I have always been very strict about is washing my face every single night. More importantly, for years I have done my research and used every product that I can to make my face look good. Maybe it’s because I struggled with acne for so long or because I have been trying to be like one of those girls who can go makeup free and still look gorgeous.

I was sent the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser a while ago by Influenster and I have been including it in my skincare routine. This cleanser claims to do a lot including washing our face so your pores look smaller leaving your skin feel really soft. The cleanser is made with plant based soaps so it is a natural cleanser that purifies the skin and removes makeup as well. It is also specially formulated for sensitive skin because it doesn’t have harsh chemicals. After using it, my skin immediately feels clean and refreshed. Recently, I have been leaving this cleanser at my boyfriends apartment because I only need to use this one product to take my makeup off, wash my face and in the mornings wash the oil off that builds up while I sleep.

Right away I can notice a difference in my skin. I use so many products to keep my skin acne free, soft and looking good. Finally, I found one face wash product that does it all without stripping my skin of necessary hydration.


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